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We've broken down our student services into 5 different sections. You can navigate easily to each section of our Student Services on this page by clicking the links provided below.


Student Life

Ivy Tech Richmond provides a wide variety of exciting options for students who want a college experience that takes them beyond the classroom. Our campus offers extracurricular activities as well as social and academic clubs, giving students a great opportunity to meet new people who share their interests and goals. Whether just relaxing on campus or finding a place in student government, there's always something new waiting for our students.

Additionally, if you are a student who is interested in setting up a club or organization, other than the ones currently offered at Ivy Tech Richmond, you can check this policy guide for setting up new Student Life opportunities.

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Career Development

From the day you start college until the day you graduate (and even after), Ivy Tech Richmond's Career Development team can help you with both your academic and career goals. Our Career Development staff offers assessments to help you choose a major to fit your career skills and interests. Along the way they can help you develop your professional skills. As you near the end of your journey with Career Development, you can receive help creating resumes, writing cover letters, and practicing your interviewing skills. They can also help you find an internship and network with employers. Career Development is the first step in many students' career journeys. But for students who are already employed and looking for additional skills training, Career Development can help bolster our communities' workforce.

If you would like to contact our Career Development team, you can find appropriate contact information below.  

Darryl Decker, Assistant Director of Career Development & PLA Coordinator
765-966-2656 ext 1204

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Library & Academic Support

Our Library & Academic Support Center assists students throughout the year; whether it's finding resources to finish a paper, providing a space to take exams, or helping students reach their full academic potential. You can find information about Ivy Tech Richmond's Library hours and services by following the provided link.

You can make contact with our Library & Academic Support Center by using the contact information provided below.

Library & Academic Support Center, room 1191
765-966-2656 ext 1191

Tutoring Center, room 1187
765-966-2656 ext 1187

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Our bookstore is your one-stop shop for all materials required for your classes. Some basic information you may want to know about our bookstore is that your Financial Aid can help pay for your books. All you'll need is a photo ID and your student ID number (C#). The bookstore also accepts cash, credit, debit, and check. And to make things even easier for our students, you can order books online, use price matching to reduce costs, and schedule home delivery.

For more information about Ivy Tech Richmond's bookstore, you can follow the provided link. Current students can also log in to MyIvy and search through their course info for information regarding their textbooks.

Bookstore, room 1261
765-966-2656 ext 1261

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The advising staff at Ivy Tech Richmond can help you navigate your courses and streamline your experiences on our campus. Whether you need assistance understanding your academic pathway, getting to graduation, or connecting with our student services, our advising team can help you.

Advising Staff, room 1202
765-966-2656 ext 1202

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