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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a prospective student exploring your educational options, a current student looking for information, or a member of our community seeking clarity on a variety of topics, you've come to the right place. We've compiled the most frequently asked questions to make your journey as smooth as possible.

  • How can I get in contact with an advisor if I am not currently enrolled at Ivy Tech?

    Log in to MyIvy and click Student > Student Dashboard. Scroll to the Academic Profile section.

    How do I schedule an advising appointment (new and returning user)?

    Each Advising Office has the option of phone, email or GoToMeeting (web conferencing tool) advising. You can select this option scheduling your appointment online. You will receive additional instructions via email after you schedule the appointment. Please visit for office hours and options.

    • Availability of this option for students with faculty advisors or mentors may be limited. Most advisors will also be happy to set up phone appointments with you as needed. Your advisor will send information on how to access the GoToMeeting session after the appointment is scheduled.

    Students are assigned advisors as soon as they are admitted to Ivy Tech.

    • First time (new)transfer (new), and re-admit (returning) (inactive for more than 2 years) degree seeking students are required to meet with an advisor. You also need to complete an Assessment prior to meeting with your advisor. See instructions for "Enrollment Steps".
    • Additionally, if you are a currently enrolled student you must meet with an academic advisor each semester to receive your PIN before registering.

    You can find the information about your advisor by logging in to MyIvy and clicking the My Academic Profile section, located on the left-hand side of the page (under My Info), select your current term in the drop down menu and your advisor's name and an email link will display at the bottom.  

    • If you cannot find your advisor's name in MyIvy, please call your campus Advising Center. Contact information for each campus' Academic Advising Office, including phone numbers, is available at

    To schedule an advising appointment online:

    1: Log into MyIvy

    2: Choose the Schedule an Appointment with Advisor icon under Quick Links

    3: You will see the student home screen below:

    4: Choose a person from your Success Network. Select the person listed as Advising Center Advisor. Click the down arrow to see connection options. If the person has set up office hours, the word SCHEDULE will appear:

    5: Choose an appointment Type and click Continue

    6: Choose an appointment Reason and click Continue:

    7: Choose Date and Time and click Continue:

    8: Confirm Appointment Details by clicking Confirm. (Specifically LOCATION and Time Zone) 

    You will have the option to make changes to the Reason for Visit and Location. The location options will include phone, web or a physical office location. 

    9: Appointment confirmation page – Please double check location options

    You will have the option to make a change to this appointment.

    10: If no appointments work for your schedule, please contact the Advising Center in your region. To contact your campus Advising Center, visit Scroll down to the 'Select a campus's drop-down menu, and choose your primary campus.

    How will I know that it's a confirmed appointment?

    Confirmations are emailed to students through their Ivy Tech email account. There are no confirmations sent if it was a walk-in appointment. You should plan to attend the appointment as scheduled.

    You will receive an email confirmation and reminder notification if you make the appointment online. If you scheduled an appointment, but did not receive the confirmation, please check your SPAM or junk folders in your email. 

    Before Meeting With Your Advisor

    See helpful tips "What should I do before meeting with an Academic Advisor?"

    Changing Time Zone in IvyConnect

    See instructions "How do I change my time zone in IvyConnect?"

    What do I do if I am not authorized to make an advising appointment?

    Find your campus information in the drop down above to connect with someone who can assist you.

    How do I contact an advisor if my advisor is not available via appointment?

    Find your campus information in the drop down above to connect with someone who can assist you.

    How do I change my major?

    You will need to speak with your academic advisor before changing programs. Changing your course of study may impact your financial aid and time to degree completion. Students who want to change their academic program should speak with their advisor, who will start the online process to change a program.

  • How do I apply for admission? Is there a deadline?

    If you’ve never applied to Ivy Tech Community College before (or if it’s been two years since you last attended classes here), visit to complete an admission application. From here, you will see information related to 'Guest students' 'Not looking for a degree' and 'International students'. Once you click on "Apply Now For Free" button, information for what you should know before you apply will be displayed. When you are ready to start your application, click the button to apply.

    Apply Now

    Ivy Tech does not have an application fee.

    Ivy Tech does not have a deadline for admission. However students should apply with an understanding of the time needed to complete mandatory enrollment steps. If you don't complete the admissions process by the start of the semester you will still be able to take classes. We offer five opportunities to start classes in January, March, June, August and October. There is no hard deadline, students should choose the start date that works best for them.

    • Student interested in special programs must apply to Ivy Tech and complete the prerequisites before they can apply to their selective program. Special programs require a separate application. Students interested in these programs should go to Special Programs for information and deadlines.

    Applications submitted online will take approximately 7-10 business days to process. If it has been more than 10 business days since you have applied and you have not yet received your acceptance letter, you should contact Admissions at 888-IVY-LINE (1-888-489-5463).

    Paper Applications: We encourage all students to apply online. If you need assistance, visit your local campus

    When do terms start?

    Ivy Tech has five start terms throughout the year: January, March, June, August, & October. 

    How long does it take for my application to be processed?

    It typically takes 7-10 business days for an application decision.

    Are fully online programs available?

    There are several programs at Ivy Tech that can be completed completely online. To learn more, click here.

    How do I attend to just take a course to transfer back to my college?

    To learn more about how to become an Ivy Tech Guest Student, click here.

    How do I transfer in credits from another institution?

    To learn more about transfer opportunities, or to speak with someone who might answer your transfer questions, click here

  • When can I charge books at the bookstore using my financial aid?

    If you have excess financial aid that can be used in the bookstore, an email will be sent to your Ivy Tech email address (within 72 hours of your aid authorization, as long as you have authorized aid to be used at the bookstore). Please wait for the notification before visiting the bookstore.

    Once you receive the email, you can review your credit limit for the semester by:

    • Step 1: Log into MyIvy
    • Step 2: Select Tools & Resources (top of the page) or select See all next to Quick Links (center of page) and select Financial Aid Awards.
    • Step 3: Select the appropriate Aid Year from the drop-down list, click 'Submit'
    • Step 4: Your bookstore credit limit will be displayed on the General Information tab in the Bookstore Credit Limit section for your term.

    REMINDER: The amount is your credit limit, NOT your available balance. Purchases made against the credit line will reduce or eliminate your financial aid refund for the semester. Once your financial aid disburses (posts) to your student account, it will pay your tuition and fees, and bookstore charges. A refund for excess aid will be issued to you via a refund according to the College's established timeline found at, any funds that are not used in the bookstore will be refunded to you and can be viewed via MyIvy. Select Tools & Resources or Quick Links and select View/Pay Balance.

    Charging Period: Bookstore charging period begins 4 weeks prior to first day of class of 16-week classes in fall and 4 or 5 weeks in spring; 3 weeks prior to first day of 10-week classes in summer. Charging ends on the Thursday prior to federal aid disbursements. For 2nd 8-week classes the charging period is 2 weeks before classes begin and ends it 4 weeks later (day after the 100% drop period ends). You will need to bring a photo ID, student ID number and schedule for in-store purchases.

    more information

  • What classes are going to be available for the next semester?

    Listings of courses offered 

    Which programs/courses are offered online?

    learn more about online programs and courses

    When will my course be available in IvyLearn?

    Classes become available to students in IvyLearn two days prior to the class start date as shown on your schedule in MyIvy.

    When will my online courses be available in IvyLearn?

    Log into and choose the Office 365 icon located on the left side.

  • How and when do I register for a course?


    • Registration begins on the dates prior to the start of the term.

    To register or add a course online:

    • Step 1: Log into MyIvy.
    • Step 2: Select Browse Topics (top of the screen) > select Academic/Advising (drop-down menu) > select Schedule Builder
      • As an alternative, you can select Quick Links > Schedule Builder
    • Step 3: Click on the "Plan Schedule" tab (top of screen)

    Visual walk-through of steps 3 - 11

    For more information on Course Delivery Methods, please see ''Where can I see the course schedule of when classes are offered?

    • Step 4: The first thing you will do is choose a term for which you’d like to build a schedule. Click on the Save and Continue button after you’ve chosen a term.
    • Step 5: Select the campus(es) you wish to see courses from and Save. Click the box next to the campus(es) you’d like to search. Include Ivy Online if you are considering online courses. 
      • Once you have selected your campus(es), click on the Save and Continue button.
    • Step 6: You will be asked to verify that your address and phone number are up-to-date. Click on the Click Here link to verify your address. When complete, click back on the Schedule Builder tab to complete your registration.
    • Step 7: Choose your optional filters for your course search. 
      • Note: If the Room displays WWW, this means World Wide Web.
    • Step 8: If you have an academic plan from your advisor, (you will see a message with a link) you can click to load your pre-planned courses directly into the schedule builder.
      • If you don't have a plan, you can select courses by clicking on Add Course button. As a note, you can also click on the Register Now button in your academic plan to take you to the Schedule Builder.
      • Click the Select Subject box to select a course subject. Then, click Select Course to select a course. Only course sections offered the term you have selected will display. Once you’ve selected a course, the course description will display.
      • To add a course to your Schedule Builder, click on Add Course. Click on the Done button once complete.
    • Step 9: When you’ve selected the courses you want to take (or loaded them from your academic plan), click on the Generate Schedules button to find course schedules that will work for you. When you’re ready, click on Add to Shopping Cart.
    • Step 10: Click on the Register button and your registration will be submitted. There will be a pop-up screen for you to read about your financial responsibility related to registration for courses. Please read the statement and acknowledge by clicking on the Accept button. There will be one last button to click – the Continue button – to confirm that you do want to register.
      • If you have a registration PIN from your advisor, you will be prompted to enter it here. Enter your 6-digit PIN, then click on the Save and Continue button.
      • You will then receive a Registration Results pop-up box. Successful results will be listed with a green checkmark. Unsuccessful requests will have a red exclamation mark and some detail as to why the registration.
    • Step 11. You can now view your current schedule on the Current Schedule tab. 
      • There is an Email button as well as a Print button that will allow you to print or e-mail your schedule.

    Your academic advisor is available to assist with adding or dropping courses, as well as help you navigate any difficulties you may have registering for a course.

  • How Do I Qualify for Dual Credit Courses?

    Some dual credit courses require students to be ‘college-ready’ in areas such as English and Math. Students can meet these prerequisites in a variety of ways, including PSAT, SAT, or ACT scores, or for some courses a cumulative GPA of 2.6 or higher for juniors and seniors. For students who do not yet have a qualifying score, Ivy Tech offers the Knowledge Assessment, a holistic placement exam that allows you to meet reading, writing, and mathematics requirements while also improving your skills and preparing you for success in your next course!

    To learn more about the Knowledge Assessment click here.  If you have completed the dual credit application and are looking for next steps in completing the Knowledge Assessment, please watch the tutorial here.

    Where can I find my Ivy Tech transcript, grades, and other important information?

    MyIvy is Ivy Tech’s online student portal.  Students use MyIvy to get the latest news and announcements, access the online bookstore, check e-mail, view midterms and final grades, print unofficial transcripts and request official transcripts, find resources for the Technical Helpdesk, and more!

    You can begin getting familiar with MyIvy before you even register for classes.  To get started, follow the steps below:

    1. Visit
    2. Scroll down and select the First Time User? option.
    3. Your Ivy Tech e-mail address and Student ID number will be required when creating your account.  These can be found on your acceptance letter.
    4. Follow the step-by-step instructions to activate your account.  It is important to enter your name, birthdate, and zip code exactly as they appear on your admissions application.

    I am a homeschool student, can I take classes at Ivy Tech?

    Ivy Tech is an unparalleled choice for Homeschool families. Learn more about all the options that Ivy Tech provides by clicking here.

  • I was just accepted. What are my next steps?

    MANDATORY Enrollment Steps for first-time, transfer, and re-admit (inactive for more than 2 years) degree-seeking students

    Students will receive an acceptance letter about their next steps after being accepted. In addition, your C-number and Enrollment Steps will be provided with your Acceptance Packet.

    Degree-seeking students enrolling in Ivy Tech Community College must complete the following steps AFTER applying to the college:

    1. Assessment:

    You can meet the assessment requirement in one of four ways:

    • SAT/ACT/PSAT Scores:
      • SAT: 27 in Writing, 25 in Reading, 460 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, 500 in Math or higher on each section
      • PSAT: 26 in Writing, 25 in Critical Reading, and 24.5 in Math or higher on each section
      • ACT: 17 in English, 18 in Reading, and 18 in Math or higher on each section
      • Click here to view older SAT and PSAT score ranges.
    • GPA: You can submit your high school transcript to fulfill the assessment requirement if you graduated high school within the last four years. You must have graduated from high school with a 2.6 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) AND have a CORE 40, Academic Honors, or Technical Honors endorsement or equivalent. Click here to find out where to submit your high school transcripts.
      • If you have not yet graduated from high school, you may use your cumulative GPA after six high school semesters have been completed.
    • Previous college courses or Associate Degree: The portal to upload documents will remain open until the last day of the term for which you applied to submit documents. Applicants will no longer have the option to mail their documents (SAT, transcripts, etc) for processing.

      You can return to your application by going to and clicking on the link under “Need to access an incomplete application or submit assessment documents?” You will need to enter your date of birth and the email address that you used on the application. You will receive further directives after entering in your information. You can also contact your campus Express Enrollment Center if you need further assistance accessing your application. Visit for more information.

      If you are unable to upload documents via the portal, you will need to visit the nearest Ivy Tech campus Express Enrollment Center. If at any point, it is passed the term you applied for, you will need to bring any assessment documents or transfer credit evaluation documents to the nearest Ivy Tech campus Express Enrollment Center. Express Enrollment Center hours and locations can be found at

      If the term you have applied for has ended and your application is now closed, it's preferred you bring your assessment documents to your advisor, Express Enrollment Center or Registrar's Office on campus. If you are unable to visit campus, you can then email assessment documents to your advisor.

      If your previous institution will not release your transcripts due to a balance owed, you will need to contact them directly to discuss a resolution. 

      *Documents received electronically with applications are not deemed official and can only be used for assessment. For credit evaluation, students must still present an official transcript.

    • Knowledge Assessment: If you cannot meet one of the above mentioned options, you will need to take a Knowledge Assessment exam. Knowledge Assessment is a free tool used to determine course placement. You can take Knowledge Assessment as many times as you need to in order to meet your academic goal.

    Both the Knowledge Assessment and Accuplacer are good for 4 years, regardless of which Ivy Tech campus you tested at.

    For more information on placement and/or Knowledge Assessment, please visit: "Will I need to take placement exams?"

    2. Advising:

    The academic advisor will be the student's primary point of contact at the college. The advisor will work with the student to develop an academic pathway to success. Students can learn more about advising, including the Advising Center hours of operation and how to schedule an appointment by visiting

    You will need to complete an assessment BEFORE you meet with an advisor.

    3. Orientation

    Orientation is your chance to learn where important places are around campus (i.e. library, bookstore, etc.), meet your classmates, find the perfect places to hang out, study and much more.  During orientation, you will take a campus tour and learn how to be successful when you start this semester.  It is a great opportunity to get to know your way around and ask questions. 

    If you are an Out-of-State student, In-Person Orientation is an optional step and you can complete these after you start classes. You will need to contact your region to talk through what dates work best.

    Visit the link above or a list of times it is offered on your campus.  It is highly recommended that students complete In-Person Orientation. 

    In addition to completing the required enrollment steps, students seeking to use financial aid must complete the FAFSA at Ivy Tech’s school code is 009917. This code applies to all Ivy Tech campuses.

  • What is the FAFSA?

    The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is a form that must be submitted annually in order to apply for financial aid. The easiest way to file the FAFSA is online at After filing your FAFSA, your college will be able to tell you which scholarships and grants you could receive as well as how much money you can borrow in student loans.

    What is the deadline?

    You can file the FAFSA beginning October 1. Be sure to get your FAFSA filed no later than April 15 to be considered for state grant programs. FAFSAs submitted after April 15 will not be considered for state grants, and corrections must be completed by May 15. FAFSAs filed after April 15 will still allow students to qualify for federal and institutional aid.

    Why do I need to file my taxes before filing a FAFSA?

    Filing your taxes before you complete your FAFSA will allow you to use the IRS data retrieval tool - making completion quick and easy. The IRS data retrieval tool reduces errors and the likelihood of being selected for verification by directly importing the correct tax information onto the FAFSA.

    Who should file the FAFSA?

    Anyone seeking aid for upcoming school semesters should file the FAFSA. Even if you're not sure if you will enroll, or you are currently in college - filing the FAFSA ensures you have the opportunity for aid if needed.

    What information do I need in order to file the FAFSA?

    If you are under age 24, you will need your parents’ information as well as your own. The information you will need for the FAFSA includes:

    • Your Social Security Number (or alien registration number/permanent resident card, if you’re not a U. S. Citizen)
    • Your driver’s license number, if you have one
    • Your tax return information or records of earnings (and W-2 forms), and recent bank statements
    • Some students will need to include parent information on their FAFSA.  Click here to see the federal definition of dependency status for financial aid purposes.
  • What are the benefits of taking courses online?

    Here are just a few:

    • You will be able to take the course from the safety of your home.
    • Your online credits transfer easily to other Indiana colleges and universities
    • You get a diverse perspective from your classmates because they’ll be located at various Ivy Tech locations statewide.
    • You can still get one-on-one support from your instructor.
    • You have access to all of Ivy Tech’s virtual services like tutoring, advising, and career development.
    • You'll earn college credit at the most affordable tuition rate.

    What classes can I take online?

    Use our course search, available as part of our Schedule Builder tool, to find an online course that works for you.

  • What is Next Level Jobs?

    Next Level Jobs is a program that gives you the opportunity to earn a FREE credential from Ivy Tech, thanks to the Workforce Ready Grant, setting you up to take your next step towards a high-paying, high-demand job in Indiana. Learn More

    What certificates and technical certificates are offered as part of Next Level Jobs at Ivy Tech?

    Advanced Manufacturing

    Building & Construction

    Health Sciences

    Information Technology & Business Services

    Transportation & Logistics

    How do I know if I am eligible for the Next Level Jobs program?

    You are eligible to be a part of Next Level Jobs at Ivy Tech if you fulfill all of the following requirements:

    • Are an Indiana resident
    • Have a high school diploma or GED/High School Equivalency
    • Have not previously received a certificate in a Next Level Jobs eligible program
    • Have not previously received an associate degree or higher (bachelors, masters, etc.)*
    Why wouldn't I be eligible for the grant?

    You might not be eligible for the Next Level Jobs Grant if you do not:

    1. Live in the state of Indiana.
    2. Have a high school diploma or GED/High School Equivalency.
    3. Previously earned a certicate in a Next Level Jobs eligible program.
    4. Previously received an associate degree or higher (bachelors, masters, etc.).
  • When are payments due for the current term?

    Payment of tuition and fees for the curent term is based on your earliest starting class. You can view the current dates on our payment due dates page.

    What are acceptable forms of payment?

    Ivy Tech accepts the following payment methods:

    • ACH (online only)
    • Cash
    • Check 
      • Made payable to Ivy Tech Community College with the Student name and C Number in the memo line
    • Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express)
      • Accepted Online Only
      • A minimal service feel will apply for each credit/debit card transaction

    Current students pay online via their MyIvy account.

    Need help paying online? Click here for step-by-step online payment instructions.

    Does Ivy Tech offer any payment assistance?

    If your federal student aid or loans do not cover the cost of your tuition, and/or you just need assistance paying for college, one option is a Tuition Payment Plan.

  • What programs or majors do you offer?

    Ivy Tech offers a number of associate degree and certificate programs.

    View Degrees & Certificates

    View Programs


    IvyOnline is how certain online Ivy Tech Community College courses are being offered, beginning Fall 2019 semester. They are the same as other Ivy Tech online courses, BUT you don’t have to worry about classes filling up or being cancelled, and having to wait until a later semester to take the course. It’s a win-win because you get the course you need and Ivy Tech instructors get online classes full of eager students.

    Ivy Tech offers over 300 courses online – and this number is growing all the time. You can view available online courses in MyIvy. You can even earn your degree online. Visit for list of online programs and visit for a list of online courses.

    When applying for admission, students who are online degree-seeking and are not online Ohio students, should select the campus associated with program that the student wishes to pursue. 

    I'm not sure online learning is right for me. Can you help me decide?

    If you use the following phrases to describe yourself, then an online class may be an excellent choice for you:

    • I enjoy learning independently but am comfortable asking an instructor for help if I don't understand something.
    • I am organized and maintain a schedule of all the things I need to get done. I don't generally need to be reminded to complete things on time or even a little early.
    • I am comfortable using a computer and the Internet to do things like viewing a web page, sending and reading email, typing papers in a word processing program, and finding information on the Internet.
    • I learn well from reading and reflecting on what I have read. I don't need to listen to a lecture to help me understand course content.
    • I have at least six hours to devote to each course I am taking and can make more time if needed.

    What is the difference between a degree and a certificate?

    Certificates are sequences of technical and professional courses that are industry focused and designed for workforce preparation.

    The Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, Associate of General Studies, Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Fine Arts are two-year degree programs.

  • What is Reverse Transfer?

    Reverse Transfer is a process by which students pursuing a four-year degree could be eligible for an associate degree in general studies or a liberal arts program from Ivy Tech based on a combination of your previous work at Ivy Tech and current course work.

    What are the benefits?

    There are many benefits to earning your associate degree. Many employers offer raises or promotions for college degrees earned. In addition, several four year universities offer tuition discounts to students who have earned an associate degree. Please check with your employer or your current college/university to learn more about the benefits you could receive by earning your associate degree at Ivy Tech.

    Am I Eligible for Reverse Transfer?

    You may be eligible if you have completed 15 credit hours at Ivy Tech, have a GPA of 2.0 or higher at Ivy Tech, and have completed more than 60 applicable credits through Ivy Tech or other colleges/universities. If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or have recently attended another college or university, you may be eligible, as long as you have not yet received your associate or bachelor’s degree.

    What do I need to do next?

    First, complete the simple online form found here to indicate your interest in Reverse Transfer.

    Next, you must have your college or university transcripts sent to Ivy Tech. Please send them to the address below:

    Michal Stacy, Assistant College Registrar
    Ivy Tech Community College
    50 W Fall Creek Parkway North Drive
    Indianapolis, IN 46208

    Alternatively, if your institution participates in electronic transcript ordering, you may request your transcript be sent to Ivy Tech at The transcript must come directly from your college or university.

    What happens if I can be awarded an associate degree?

    You will be contacted by Ivy Tech informing you of the conferment of the degree to your transcript, and you will receive your degree at the end of the next academic term.

    What if I don't meet the requirements for an associate degree?

    You will be contacted by Ivy Tech informing you of what class/credits remain outstanding for an associate degree. You will have a few choices.

    1. That course may be required in some form at your college or university and you can resend your transcript after you have completed it there.
    2. You may take the course at an Ivy Tech campus or online
    3. Depending on the requirement missing, you may be able to take a standardized test called CLEP and have the score sent to Ivy Tech.
  • How do I request a copy of my transcript?

    Official Transcripts
    The official transcript contains only information regarding the student's attendance at Ivy Tech. High school, test scores, etc. are not displayed. The current program of study, any degrees awarded by Ivy Tech, transfer credit and term-by-term course, grade and GPA information is displayed. For example, Zero Level/Refresher courses are on both the official and unofficial transcript. However, zero-level/refresher courses do not count toward graduation credits nor in a student's GPA.

    • NOTE: The following hold codes will no longer prevent the release of transcripts: AR, CD, CO, FH, T4, LF, PF, and WO.

    Current students can request their Official transcript through MyIvy:

    • Step 1: Log into your MyIvy account
    • Step 2: Select Browse Topics (top of the page), select Academics & Advising from the drop-down menu
    • Step 3: Then, select "Request Official Transcripts"

    Once processing is complete (allow 1 day) for your transcript request it will then be sent to you.

    **If you are asked to enter PIN when requesting your transcript, please contact the Help Desk at 1-888-IVY-LINE (888-489-5463) option 4, as this is an error.

    If you no longer have access to MyIvy:

    • Visit to request your transcript (such as: have not attended in the last two years). You will need to Create an Account with Parchment Exchange if you haven't already done so. Should you need to reset your password, you will click on "Forgot Your Password".
    • There is no option to request an unofficial transcript with Parchment Exchange.
    • NOTE: Students may put in any four digits they wish in the SSN field; so if an International student does not have a SSN they can still use Parchment and use any 4 numbers. The request will then be manually processed by the Student Records office, so International students should assume a slight delay of a day or so in processing.
    • Should you need to contact Parchment Exchange, please visit their website and submit a HelpDesk ticket.

    If you receive a "no student record found" message when requesting your transcript: 

    • All of your information that you provide to locate your student records must match what we have on file for you in our system. If you received a message that your student record couldn't be found, it usually means that the birth date you submitted on your transcript request does not match what we have in our system. Try re-submitting your request, and pay particular attention to the birth date you submit - make sure the month and day are entered in the correct order, and that the year is not the current year, but your birth year.
    • If you still receive a message that your record cannot be found, please bring documentation of your name and birth date (like a driver's license) to the nearest Ivy Tech campus and ask the Registrar's Office or Local Enrollment Center to verify the name and birth date they have on file for you. If any information needs to be changed in our records, once it is changed you should be able to request a transcript.

    *You can also obtain a request form at your local campus Registrar's Office.

    ***You can pay for for transcripts using these payment methods. The cost of the transcript is $5.00.

    Once you have submitted your request:

    • You can track your order by logging in to the account you created with Parchment to request your transcript. You can also opt to receive updates via text message concerning your transcript order.
    • Should you need to contact Parchment Exchange, please visit their website and submit a HelpDesk ticket.

    If you are awaiting final grades or a degree to post:

    • Please verify on MyIvy that your grades and/or degree have been posted to your unofficial transcript there BEFORE requesting an official transcript.
      • Grades - Are due to be posted within 3 calendar days of the end of the semester or abbreviated session.
      • Degree - It takes 60-90 days from your graduation date to receive your diploma and to be listed as a graduate on your official transcripts.

    If you requested an electronic transcript:

    • If you have requested an electronic copy of your transcript to be e-mailed to you or to another recipient, those requests are usually processed within the hour of the request (Monday-Friday only). Weekend requests are processed on Monday morning. Printed transcripts are usually sent the day the request is received (Monday-Friday), with weekend orders processed on Monday morning.

    • Note: For electronic transcripts, you will be asked to attach any documents at the point you are requesting the transcript online. If you need a transcript mailed and need attachments to go with it, you will need to contact the nearest campus to process the request in-person. The contact information is available at

    *You should contact your campus to see if requests are being processed same-day for transcripts prior to coming to campus. Electronic transcripts can be received within 30 minutes of request.

    If you are inquiring about your Ivy Tech transcripts being received by another institution, you will need to contact that institution.

    Unofficial Transcripts
    The unofficial transcript lists term-by-term work taken at Ivy Tech. For example, Zero Level/Refresher courses are on both the official and unofficial transcript. However, zero-level/refresher courses do not count toward graduation credits nor in a student's GPA.

    *Non-credit courses will not show up on these transcripts. To request a transcript with this information, please contact your campus. The contact information is available at

    Current students Unofficial transcripts are available via MyIvy (they may be printed):

    • Step 1: Log into your MyIvy account
    • Step 2: Select Tools & Resources (top of the page) or select See all next to Quick Links (center of page)
    • Step 3: Then, select "Unofficial Transcripts"

      If you are not a current student or have not attended in the last two years, follow the instructions above to request an Official transcript. 
    How do you send a transcript to Ivy Tech?
    • If your previous institution uses a Secure E-Transcript Service, you may request that your secure official transcript be emailed to us at The E-transcript service is a very efficient way to have your transcript sent to us.  In most cases, it arrives in our office the same day you request it.

    • You may also have your previous college mail your official transcripts to:

      Ivy Tech Community College
      Transcript Processing
      9301 E. 59th Street
      Indianapolis, IN  46216

      Please Note: Evaluating and processing transfer credit can take 7-10 business days.