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A transfer student is any student who has college coursework at one institution and then transfers that coursework to another institution. As a transfer student, you may complete an associate degree or individual classes at Ivy Tech and then transfer to another college or university to continue your studies. 


Ivy Tech is a community college that offers a variety of credentials ranging from workforce certifications to short-term certificates (known as certificates) to long-term certificates (known as technical certificates) to associate degrees. The highest degree you can earn at Ivy Tech is a two-year associate degree. At a four-year institution, you can earn a bachelor’s or advanced degree. A bachelor’s degree is an academic degree earned for an undergraduate major that generally takes four years of full-time study.


Ivy Tech offers a variety of transfer pathways to consider:


Ivy Tech offers the lowest college tuition in the state, making it Indiana's best value in higher education. Students who choose to start their college journey at Ivy Tech and then transfer to another college or university can save more than $10,000 on their bachelor's degree.

SAVE $10,000+

on your bachelor's degree by attending Ivy Tech for your first two years






Time spent at IvyTech 2 years 2 years 1 year
Years at Ivy Tech + years at a four-year school to earn a bachelor's degree 2+2 2+2 1+3
Can continue at Ivy Tech to pursue an associate degree     X
Can transfer as a junior to any Indiana public college or university (if accepted) to pursue a bachelor's degree   X  
Can transfer to a specific set of Indiana public and private universities with which Ivy Tech has agreements to pursue a bachelor's degree X    
Number of Indiana 4-year colleges and universities you can transfer to* 23 17 18
Admission to transfer university is guaranteed if GPA and other eligibility requirements are met X    
Will not lose any credits when transferring  X X X
Will save thousands of dollars on tuition X X X
Number of Ivy Tech programs that transfer* 32 15 1
May have transfer application fees waived X    
  LEARN MORE – Guaranteed Admissions LEARN MORE – Transfer as a Junior LEARN MORE – Start as a Sophomore

* Not every school accepts every Ivy Tech program.



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  • Transfer Timeline

    Even if this is your first semester, it is not too early to begin planning the transfer process. In fact, that is the best time to start! The Transfer Timeline and Checklist will help you know what to do and when to do it to prepare for a smooth transition to your next school.

    SEMESTER ONE | 0-15 credit hours

    • Think about your interests, values strengths, and career goals.
    • If you are undecided on a major or career path, make an appointment with your local Career Link office to take an assessment to match your interests, skills, and values with a satisfying career.
    • Explore the web and other resources for information related to the careers you are considering. Websites such as are a great place to start. Career Link can assist in this process as well through individual appointments and workshops.
    • Become familiar with the Indiana College Core (formerly Statewide Transfer General Education Core, or STGEC). The Core is built into every transfer degree at Ivy Tech and is designed to transfer as a block to fulfill general education requirements at any public, four-year Indiana college. It can also be completed as a long-term certificate (known as a technical certificate).
    • Start researching colleges that you may be interested in. To get a head start, attend a Transfer Fair and/or meet the Transfer Advocate on your campus.

    Remember, most colleges require grades of at least a C or better for courses to transfer!

    SEMESTER TWO | CUMULATIVE TOTAL: 16-30 credit hours

    • Maintain good grades! Most colleges require at least a 2.0 GPA for transfer admission. Many
      also offer scholarship opportunities for transfer students who have at least a 3.0 GPA.
    • Explore possible four-year schools that offer the major that you want to pursue. In addition to
      offering the degree you want, the four-year school should be a good fit for you. Consider the
      • Admission requirements (GPA, competitive admission, and important dates)
      • Cost
      • Location (are you willing/able to move?)
      • Size of campus and average class size.
    • Develop a short list of three to four schools that match your goals, priorities, and academic record.
    • Become familiar with the courses necessary to obtain your four-year degree at the schools on
      your list of potential transfer schools. Be sure to explore the various partnerships that Ivy Tech has with four-year colleges around the state (and nation!). If possible, also visit these schools!
    • Attend a Transfer Fair on campus to meet colleges and universities across the state of Indiana and some out-of-state institutions. This is a good opportunity to make contacts and explore all of your options at once.

    SEMESTER THREE |CUMULATIVE TOTAL: 31-45 credit hours

    • Try to have your list of transfer options limited to one or two schools. Share this list with your Advisor!
    • Become familiar with the application requirements and deadlines of the four-year school(s) to which you are applying. Some questions to ask yourself:
      • When do applications need to be turned in?
      • When must all transcripts be submitted?
      • When must letters of recommendation and/or personal essays (if required) be submitted?
      • When must financial aid forms be filed?
      • If living on campus, when must applications for on-campus housing be filed?
    • Meet with a representative from your potential transfer school(s) to perform a transcript evaluation, and talk about program and admissions requirements. Be sure to bring a list of questions to ask.
    • Determine if there are scholarships available for which you may be eligible (many colleges offer transfer student scholarships!). This information can be found on websites and by asking the transfer school’s representative. Make sure to maintain the GPA requirements for these transfer scholarships.
    • Meet with your Academic Advisor regularly to ensure that you are on track for graduation and transfer.

    SEMESTER FOUR | CUMULATIVE TOTAL: 46-60 credit hours

    • Apply for Ivy Tech graduation, yay!
    • Submit applications for admissions including any transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal essays, and on-campus housing applications.
    • Apply for transfer scholarships and the FAFSA using your transfer school’s FAFSA code.
    • Become familiar with the courses necessary to obtain your four-year degree at your potential transfer schools.
    • Contact the four-year institution two or three weeks after you submit your application to determine if your file is complete.
    • Take advantage of orientation programs and other opportunities for transfer students at your new school. Meeting other transfer students and getting acquainted with campus life will help ease the transition!


  • What is the Core Transfer Library?

    The Core Transfer Library is a list of 88 courses that are pre-approved for transfer between all Indiana public college and university campuses, in addition to six independent colleges and universities  (assuming adequate grades were earned). Core Transfer Library courses will meet the general or free elective requirements of undergraduate degree programs and most will also count towards degree program requirements, if an equivalent course is taught at the four-year campus you plan to attend.


    Other Courses

    Ivy Tech does offer courses that may transfer to a select set or even a single college or university. See your academic advisor to learn more about these courses.

  • Course Equivalencies

    Before enrolling in courses at Ivy Tech, it is important to find out which course credits may transfer to or from other institutions. Use this helpful tool to find out how courses you have taken or plan to take may transfer to another college or university for credit.


  • How To Order an Ivy Tech Transcript

    Current Student - Official Transcript

    Request your official transcript through MyIvy by taking the following steps:

    • Step 1: Log into your MyIvy account
    • Step 2: Click on "Tools and Resources" at the top of the form
    • Step 3: Select "Request Official Transcript" from the list of items

    Current Student - Unofficial Transcript

    If you are a current student and need an unofficial transcript, this is available via MyIvy and can be printed. 

    • Step 1: Log into your MyIvy account
    • Step 2: Click on "Tools and Resources" at the top of the form
    • Step 3: Select "Unofficial Transcripts" from the list of items

    Former Student - Official Transcripts

    If you no longer have access to MyIvy because you have not attended in two or more years, you can request your transcript online. You will need to Create an Account with Parchment Exchange if you haven't already done so. Should you need to reset your password, you will click on "Forgot Your Password." 

  • Transfer Fair Questions

    The transfer fair is your opportunity to gather information about several schools at once to help you make an informed decision about where to continue your education. Here are some questions you can ask.



    • What is the process for having my credits evaluated? Can I do this prior to applying? Who would I contact to do this?
    • What is required for admissions (GPA, SAT/ACT, number of credit hours, etc.)? If my program is competitive, what additional items do I need to submit?
    • Is there a difference between transferring in the fall or spring semester?
    • What support is offered for transfer students?
    • What if I am not sure about my major, do you offer assistance to help me choose a major?


    • Do you offer [major/minor] program? If so, can you tell me about it?
    • What are the most popular majors on your campus?
    • Do you offer online courses/programs?
    • How many credit hours of transfer will you accept?
    • How long will it take me to complete my Bachelor's degree from your school? What type of transfer partnerships do you have with Ivy Tech?
    • What is your typical class size?

    Expenses and Scholarships

    • What is the cost of attendance?
    • What is the financial aid process at your school?
    • Are grants or scholarships available? What about transfer scholarships?
    • How late can I apply for financial aid?
    • Are there separate deadlines for admission and scholarship applications?
    • Can you tell me about other fees and costs in addition to tuition?
    • Do you offer payment plans for tuition?

    Campus and Student Life

    • What kind of recreational activities are available on campus?
    • What support services are available?
    • How would you describe the student body?
    • Do you have an office or program that supports transfer students?
    • I am interested in [specific club]. Is this available at your institution?
    • Are there any transfer student-specific clubs/organizations?
    • What kind of transportation or parking does your school have?
    • How many students attend your campus?
    • Do many students live on/off campus?


    • What internships are available?
    • Will career services assist with resumes, interviews, and job searches?
    • How big/helpful is the alumni association
    • I want to do [job/career] after college. Is there something at the university that could help me pursue that?

    Final Tips:

    • Collect as much information as you can and take notes, and remember to get contact
      information/business cards!
    • Talk to as many colleges as possible. The perfect fit for you may be one that you never considered!
    • Print out these questions as a PDF and use the back of the sheet to take notes!

Find Local Transfer Advocates Contact Info

Don't see a nearby Transfer Advocates location? Call 1-888-489-5463 and we'll get you started.

Request a Transcript for Your Transfer

General Inquiries

Academic & Transfer Advisor
Jamie Cole
812-537-4010, ext. 5260

Transfer Advocate
Janet Sharp

Transfer Advocate
Elizabeth Embick
765-966-2656, ext. 1216

Patty Plantenga
Call: 765-269-5297  |  Text: 765-201-0432

Academic Advisor
David Barocio

Academic Advisor
David Barocio

Transfer Advocate
John Dwyer

Academic Advising Center
Lamkin Center
3501 N First Avenue, Room 108
Evansville, IN 47710

Transfer Advocate
Angela Panza

Office Hours at Fort Wayne Advising
3701 Dean Drive, Harshman Hall, Room 1015
Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET
Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET

Patty Plantenga
Call: 765-269-5297  |  Text: 765-201-0432

Transfer Advocate
Angie Yoder

Academic Advisor
David Barocio

Please contact Transfer Advocates at our full-service campus located in Terre Haute.

Transfer Advocate
Brent Jordan

Transfer Advocate
Ginny Leonard

Schedule a Transfer Advising Meeting with a Partnering Four-Year University
Butler University
Indiana University - Kokomo
University of Indianapolis

Transfer Advocate
Allison Salkie


Lake County has 3 full-service locations. Select a location below to see contact information for their Transfer Advocates department.

Transfer Advocate
Allison Salkie

Assistant Director of Academic Advising
Laura Gregory
765 289-2291, ext. 1392

Transfer Advocate
Byron Hooper

Academic Advisor and Transfer Coordinator
Ellie Broyles
765-289-2291, ext. 1238

Academic Advisor and Transfer Coordinator
Andrea Smalling
765-289-2291, ext. 1240
800-589-8324, ext. 1240

Transfer Advocate
Brent Jordan

Please contact Transfer Advocates at our full-service campus located in Kokomo.

Transfer Advocate
Carl "Jake" Siders
765-966-2656, ext. 1210

Transfer Advocate
Brent Jordan

Please contact Transfer Advocates at our full-service campus located in Columbus.

Please contact Transfer Advocates at our full-service campus located in Evansville.

Monday-Friday | 8 a.m.-4:45 p.m.


Terre Haute Advising Center
8000 S Education Drive
Terre Haute, IN 47802

Academic Advisor/Transfer Advocate
Aryn Domeika, Academic Advisor

Virtual On-Demand Service:
Video | Voice | Chat
Monday–Friday | 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. ET
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Transfer Advocate
Byron Hooper


Did you start at Ivy Tech and then transfer to a 4-year school, but haven't finished yet? You may be able to combine the credits you've earned and be awarded an associate degree retroactively through a simple, free credit review. It's called Reverse Transfer.


Guaranteed acceptance, no credit loss

Interested in automatic acceptance to a specific Indiana 4-year school? Check to see where your Ivy Tech program is accepted and if you qualify.