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Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and IvyCares is here to provide additional support to you throughout your academic journey. Sometimes called “wraparound services”, staff in Ivy Tech’s IvyCares offices are here to connect you with campus and community resources. IvyCares focuses on helping students in four major areas, including transportation needs, food insecurity, mental health, and emergency funds.

Our locations have great support resources to assist you when you are in need!

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Areas Where IvyCares Can Help You!

Emergency Funds

Student Emergency Aid Fund

The Student Emergency Aid Fund assists students at Ivy Tech Community College through short-term financial emergencies so they can be in class, be prepared, and persist in their academic coursework.

Need assistance today?

Click here to access our Student Emergency Aid Application


Transportation to and from classes can be a big issue for any student, but Ivy Tech is here to help you! Many of our campuses offer access to local public transportation and bussing. Additionally, Ivy Tech works with Uber to provide an option for students who are experiencing a short-term or long-term transportation barrier. Campuses also may have additional resources to assist you, reach out to your campus staff today to discuss options.

Food Insecurity

We know it is difficult for students to concentrate on doing well in the classroom if they are unsure of where they are getting their next meal. Campuses have a variety of options to assist you with your food needs. Some of our locations have on-campus food pantries or food sharing shelves. They may provide meals to students throughout the week. Or some may have grocery store gift cards to help you purchase what you need. To learn about all the options your campus has available, click below to contact your campus IvyCares staff.

Mental Health

Nationwide, mental health is one of the biggest issues facing college students. Whether you talk to a trusted friend, family member, or someone at Ivy Tech, we want you to ask for help when you need it. Each of the Ivy Tech campuses has connections to mental health resources. Additionally, many of our faculty and staff have received special training to know how to assist students by referring them to mental health services.


IvyAssist is an amazing website filled with local options to assist Ivy Tech students. Use this website to search for services available in your local area. IvyAssist can connect you with organizations who provide food assistance, housing needs, transportation, health resources, financial assistance, education options, legal services and so much more. To check out what is offered, visit

Technology Access

Access to technology and the internet are keys to student success while in college. To assist students who may lack access to a computer on internet needed for your coursework, the College has a limited supply of loaner laptops and hotspots available for checkout to students with a demonstrated need. Please contact your campus IvyCares staff for more information.

Child Care

For students with children, access to high-quality, reliable child care is a critical component of success, giving parents peace of mind that their children are growing and learning while they are too. Recognizing the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic on parents pursuing post-secondary education, Ivy Tech and Indiana’s Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning have joined forces to provide eligible Ivy Tech students with streamlined access to child care assistance. For more information about this program, please visit: