• You can find online courses through our course search at ivytech.search.collegescheduler.com.

    • First, select the semester you’re interested in.
    • Then, under "Instruction Modes" choose “Online.”
    • You’ll then be able to see all the online courses being offered in the selected semester.


  • Students are encouraged to come to a local Ivy Tech campus to take advantage of the services available and to be a part of the campus community.

  • Internet and Devices

    Online classes require students to have sufficient broadband access. Some testing environments or skills assessments may require the use of a webcam.

  • Technical Support

    For technical help for MyIvy, IvyLearn, or email, call the help desk at 1-888-IVY-LINE (1-888-489-5463), select option 4

    Visit the Help Center

    Request IT or Educational Technology/IvyLearn support

    Local Campus Online Learning Support

    Disability Support Services

    Visit the Disability Support Services page

  • How to Apply

    To apply to IvyOnline, you simply need to fill out Ivy Tech's free online application—there are no other special steps you have to take.

    Note that the application will ask you to select a home campus, even though you are seeking an online course or credential. You can select any campus that offers the program and credential you are interested in to proceed through the application. You may wish to select the campus offering the program closest to you in case you want to take advantage of any on-campus resources.

Learn On Your Time

Ivy Tech's online degrees offer flexibility and high-quality education. Our online students experience the following benefits:

  • Take classes from the safety and comfort of your home
  • Complete your coursework when it is convenient for you
  • One-on-one support from your online instructor
  • Access to all of Ivy Tech’s virtual services such as tutoring, advising, and career development
  • Diverse perspectives from your classmates located around the state, country, and world
  • Your online credits will transfer easily to other Indiana colleges and universities
  • Shows future employers that you're comfortable with technology and can work well independently


23 academic programs completely online

500 online courses to choose from each term



Flexibility is the number one reason why students choose an online degree program. Many of our students are faced with the challenge of juggling school, work, and family commitments. Online classes can be an ideal way to fit education into a busy schedule. Ask yourself the following questions to help decide if an online program is right for you:

  • Do you enjoy working on computers and being on the Internet? You can expect to spend a lot of time on the computer completing coursework and submitting assignments. This is the format in which all work is done.
  • Are you able to learn outside of a classroom setting? Imagine working on classes at home, at a coffee shop, or in a library. Will you be able to stay focused to get your work done and turn assignments in on time if you aren't in a physical classroom?
  • Are you self-motivated and enjoy working alone? You may have group projects but you will be doing the majority of work on your own. Online courses require discipline and good time management skills.

If your answers to the questions above are yes, yes, and yes, an online degree may be just what you're looking for.

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