Other Leaves of Absence

If you are not eligible or the reason you are needing a leave does not qualify under FMLA, the College also provides other leaves of absence. You might find it necessary to apply for a Temporary, Extended, Personal, or Military Leave.

  • If you will be absent from work for more than two (2) weeks for a medical reason and not yet eligible for FMLA leave you may apply for a Temporary Leave. A Temporary Leave applies solely to your own need for medical or family leave, such as your health condition or the birth of a child. Your Application for Leave must be approved by the Supervisor, Vice President or Chancellor, and Human Resources.

  • Extended Leave is available if you are unable to return to work after completion of a Temporary Leave or FMLA leave for your own serious health condition or the serious health condition of a family member. To apply you must complete an Application for Extended Leave at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the end of a Temporary Leave or Family Medical Leave and include a doctor's statement projecting the length of time you are expected to be absent from work. The leave must be approved by your Supervisor, Vice President or Chancellor, and Human Resources.

  • Personal Leave may be requested for some other personal request not covered by other leave policies or for an employee who is not eligible for any other leave at the time of the request. A Personal Leave cannot be requested upon the conclusion of an Extended Leave. Personal Leave requests of thirty (30) calendar days or less must be approved by your Supervisor, Vice President or Chancellor, and Human Resources. For Personal Leave requests longer than thirty (30) days the President must also approve.

  • The College complies with and supports the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act (USERRA). USERRA applies to persons who perform duty in the "uniformed services" including service in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, as well as the reserve components of each of these services. Any employee entering any category of training or military service must provide advance written notification to their immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Administrator that they will be leaving their job for military training or service, unless giving such notice is impossible or is precluded by some military necessity. An employee's request for Military Leave must be supported by timely certification and supporting documentation.

Please refer to the College’s Temporary, Extended, Personal, and Military Leave policies found in the employee handbook for details regarding these leaves.

Requesting Leave of Absence

For employees wanting to request Temporary, Extended, or Military Leave:

  1. Notify your supervisor you may have a need for a leave of absence.
  2. Submit your request for leave in Workday.
  3. If applying for a Temporary or Extended Leave, a medical certification will need to be completed by a medical provider and submitted to the Statewide Benefits and Leaves Hub within fifteen (15) calendar days of your request.

Please reach out to the Benefits and Leave Hub to submit a Personal Leave.

All requested documentation will need to be completed and submitted before a Leave of Absence can be approved.

If you have questions please reach out to the Statewide Benefits and Leave Hub.