Pharmacy Coverage

The College's Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) is CVS Caremark.  CVS Caremark administers the health plan's prescription benefits just like Anthem administers the medical benefits.

You are not restricted to using only CVS retail pharmacies (with the exception of Specialty prescriptions).  CVS Caremark has a large network of participating pharmacies to choose from.

Pharmacy Locator

Both the Choice CDHP and the Standard PPO Plan have specific medications and devices covered at 100%.  Please select the appropriate Drug Pricing Tool below to find out the cost of your medications or call 1-866-246-7145 for additional coverage and cost information. Please use either Firefox or Chrome as your browser.

* Please note, the Formulary List is not comprehensive. Please use the Drug Cost Tools or contact Customer Service for more information.

Formulary List

Medications Needing Prior Authorization

Standard Plan Preventive Medications List

Basic & Enhanced CDHP Preventive Medications List

CVS Caremark

Participants with a Specialty prescription will now have access to the CVS Accordant Care Team and Specialty Connect program.  These programs allow those with a Specialty prescription to have access to teams who specialize in their condition.  It also allows for the opportunity to drop off and pick up Specialty prescriptions at your local CVS retail pharmacy (mail order is still available).  

Accordant Care

Specialty Medication List

Participant Portal Setup

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