What's Changing?

  • 2 New Medical plans - Basic CDHP and Enhanced CDHP
    • These plans will replace the Choice CDHP. Those enrolled in the Choice CDHP will need to choose either Basic CDHP or Enhanced CDHP in 2024
  • Increased employer HSA contribution
  • Dental maximum enhancement, and expanded orthodontia coverage
  • Voya - New Vendor for Critical Illness, and Accident coverage
    • Hospital Indemnity – New coverage offered through Voya
  • Standard health plan - increased premium
  • For more detailed information see the Open Enrollment Guide or click on the appropriate benefit below.

Welcome to Ivy Tech's Open Enrollment for the 2024 Benefit Plan Year!

Open enrollment is your opportunity to review your benefits, enroll or decline coverage, or make changes to your existing elections.  You can add or remove benefits, dependents, amounts of insurance and more.

As a reminder, the plan year for our benefit programs is January 1—December 31 and aligns with the calendar year accumulation of deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.  Elections you make during this Open Enrollment period will stay in place through the end of the 2024 calendar year, unless you have a qualifying event. Information regarding qualifying life events can be found here.

Active Enrollment

This year's enrollment is an active enrollment, meaning you will need to complete the open enrollment process in Workday.  

If not completed, your current elections, with the exception of Flexible Spending Accounts, will carry over to the 2024 calendar year. You will also be defaulted into the higher tobacco premium category if you’re currently participating in a health plan you will be defaulted into the new Enhanced CDHP in addition to the higher tobacco premium category.

  • If you participate in the College’s health plan and have self-identified as a tobacco user or are defaulted into this category, you will have the opportunity to complete the QuitNow program in order to receive a refund of the additional premiums you have paid.
  • If you identified as a tobacco user in 2023 and completed the QuitNow program and identify as a tobacco user for calendar year 2024, you will be required to complete the QuitNow program again in order to receive a refund of the additional premiums you pay in the 2024 plan year.
  • You must complete the program by December 1, 2024 in order to receive a refund of additional premiums you have paid during the calendar year.