The fastest growing crime in America is that of identity theft. In addition to financial identity fraud, you may become a victim of criminal identity theft or medical identity theft. For protection against financial identity fraud, experts recommend that you review your credit report regularly to detect and prevent identity theft problems.

Ivy Tech provides identity theft protection through Aura.  Aura has been a leader in the Identity Protection space since 1996, protecting more than 47 million US consumers.   

You have your choice between two different plans for you and your family, Total Monitoring and Premier Services.  See the plan comparison below for details.

Total Monitoring Plan Summary

Premier Service Plan Summary

Plan Comparison

Full Time Employees

This coverage is elected through Workday.

Adjunct Faculty/Part Time Employees

To elect the coverage, visit the dedicated Ivy Tech enrollment page.  You will select the level of coverage you would like, provide your name and email address to complete your enrollment.  You will then receive an email from Aura with a link to complete your enrollment.  

There is no deadline to elect this benefit.  You can enroll at any time.

Still have questions?  Please contact Aura Customer Service at 855-443-7748.