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Medical Benefits

The College continually explores new ways to improve and manage your employee benefits.  Our primary goal is to provide you with the opportunity to receive quality health care services at a reasonable cost.  The College offers the choice between two health plans.  Both of these plans offer access to a broad network of providers through the Anthem Blue Access PPO network.

Preventive Services

All in-network preventive services are paid at 100%, regardless of which plan you choose.

Your physician must code the office visit or service as preventive to assure that you will not be charged a copay or coinsurance.

A list of preventive services can be found in your Plan Summary.

Choice Plan with HSA

The Choice Plan is our High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) that is paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA).  This plan features a higher deductible, but with lower premiums.  One of the main differences between a HDHP and a traditional PPO is that you are responsible for paying the full cost of medical expenses until the deductible is reached.  There are no copays for office visits or prescriptions.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

The College partially funds an HSA on behalf of eligible Choice Plan participants.  An HSA is an account that is owned by the participant and is used to pay for qualified health expenses.  The funds carry over from year to year.  The funds earn tax-free interest and are portable (meaning if you leave the College, you do not forfeit the contributions or interest earnings).

The College has partnered with Chard Snyder for our HSA administration using HSA Advantage.  

The HSA Benefits document helps you to understand the benefit and qualified expenses.  The HSA summary includes additional details regarding 2020 IRS Plan maximums and eligibility information.


Standard Health Plan

The Standard Plan is a traditional PPO plan that covers office visits and prescription drugs with a flat dollar copay without having to meet an annual deductible.  For some in-network services, you are required to meet an annual deductible before the Plan's coinsurance coverage is applicable.

Castlight Health - No longer available as of 1/1/2021

Castlight is a healthcare consumer tool that provides tools and resources to find high-quality providers at an affordable price.  The tool is available to all employees enrolled in either the Choice Plan or the Standard Plan at no additional cost. Castlight makes it easy to compare your options on price, quality, and convenience so you can truly become a healthcare consumer.  It gives you personalized information based on your health plan selection.

Castlight can be accessed from your computer or your mobile device.  Visit www.castlighthealth.com/login to register.