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Summer Semester Financial Aid

Summer Semester Financial Aid

Here is some helpful information regarding summer financial aid at Ivy Tech Community College:

  • FAFSA: Information from your 2022-23 FAFSA will be used to determine your financial aid eligibility for the summer 2023 semester. If you have already filed the 2022-23 FAFSA, you do not need to re-file.  If you need to add Ivy Tech to your FAFSA, our school code is 009917.
  • Registration: Registration for summer 2023 classes begins on March 20. Once registered, your campus Financial Aid Office will review your eligibility for summer financial aid within 14 days. Updates will be posted on MyIvy in the Financial Aid area.
  • Credit hour requirements: Credit hour requirements for summer semesters are the same as fall and spring semesters. Students must be enrolled at least half-time in order to receive a loan.
    • 12 credit hours and more = full-time
    • 9-11 credit hours = three-quarters time
    • 6-8 credit hours = half-time
    • 1-5 credit hours = less than half-time
  • Guest students: Guest students are not eligible for most types of financial aid. Payment plans are available for your tuition and fees, if needed.
  • Loan request: If you have loan eligibility remaining for the aid year and need to use it in the summer, you can complete the online Federal Direct Student Loan Request form (this form is not required for any other type of financial aid). Loan requests can take up to 14 days to process.
  • Priority date: To ensure your awards are processed by the start of summer classes, students must apply AND submit all requested forms, including verification and/or loan requests to the Ivy Tech Financial Aid Office by the May 1st priority date.
  • State Aid: Students who did not receive their full annual award amount during the previous fall and spring semesters may be eligible to receive the remaining balance of certain awards in summer. This includes guest students who are not degree seeking at Ivy Tech during the summer. If you began receiving your annual award in the spring semester, you may request to use a portion of the remaining balance in summer (instead of the upcoming fall semester) by completing a Summer State Aid Request form (contact your financial aid office for details).


Additional Resources for Summer Term:

  • Summer-Flex Scholarship: The Summer-Flex Scholarship is a great option to consider if you are a full-time student, but did not take 15 credits in both the fall and spring terms. With Summer-Flex, you can take any remaining credit hours over the summer session to reach the 30 credit hour target for a full-time student without paying anything extra. Learn more at
  • Crossing the Finish Line: Ivy Tech has identified high school students and graduating seniors who are  just a few credit hours away from earning the Indiana College Core or another high-value credential from Ivy Tech. If this is you, the state of Indiana is going to fund your tuition, books, and fees for your classes this summer so you can complete your credential for FREE!  You read that right, for free! Learn more about the eligibility requirements at

If you have any questions about financial aid, visit or call us at 888-IVY-LINE.