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Indiana’s most affordable classes are offered at Ivy Tech Community College. Ivy Tech is providing students with the option to take classes face-to-face, online, and/or virtually - it is your choice. With classes at half the cost of a four-year institution, Ivy Tech is the best choice you can make right now. Many four-year students are choosing to take classes with Ivy Tech to transfer credits back! Find the right fit for you and your schedule while earning credits that transfer to a four-year university or set yourself up for a high-wage career.

Ivy Tech not only offers a variety of core classes across numerous areas of study, but also has 8-week course offerings that fit right into your busy schedule and allow you to get started this October! Think of all of the credits you can earn and then transfer back.

Apply today for free and get started in classes like:

  • Business 101
  • English 111
  • Economics 101
  • And many more

Want to add an affordable online class to your upcoming four-year schedule? You can do that too.

Do you need a smaller setting for a challenging subject? We offer that too. Skip the large lecture hall courses, and take the class with Ivy Tech instead.

How to get started 

Taking guest student courses online with Ivy Tech to transfer back to your college or university is easy.

Just follow these three steps:

  1. Complete an online Guest Student Application.

  2. Register for classes online via MyIvy.

  3. Pay your tuition online via MyIvy.

What if I need help?

All of our services right now are virtual. If you need help, please reach out by:


"I had such an amazing experience as a guest student at Ivy Tech. I was able to take classes during the summer and get ahead in my course work, which relieved me of a lot of stress and gave me more freedom to pick and choose my courses for the next semester. Summer school isn't ideal for lots of people, but my professor at Ivy Tech was able to fit so much information into such a short course, and I left every class feeling really confident in myself and the education I received. My professor made such an effort to make the course interesting and to ensure that we felt comfortable with the material we were learning. Ivy Tech has amazing instructors and professors and not only did I enjoy the classes I took, but I was definitely prepared for the classes I took when I returned to IU in the Fall." - Hailey 

Ivy Tech guest student testimonial Hailey Ip


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