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Can I be a guest student at Ivy Tech given today’s learning environment?

Yes! Ivy Tech offers hundreds of online courses you can take as a guest student and then transfer the credits to your home college! It's a great way to save money on your way to graduation.

Want to take affordable, online college classes over summer break, add a class to your existing summer schedule at your four-year institution, or need a smaller setting for a challenging subject? Ivy Tech has you covered. Not only will our guest student option help you save money, but it may even help you graduate faster!  Ivy Tech guest students often come back to take their general education courses and pre-requisites in fall and spring terms.

Apply today to discover the wide variety of online and virtual courses available at Ivy Tech! It's free and if you need any assistance during the application process, our team is here to help seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. ET at 888-IVY-LINE or directly via online chat.

How to get started 

Taking guest student courses online with Ivy Tech to transfer back to your college or university, is easy.

Just follow these three steps:

  1. Complete an online Guest Student Application.

  2. Register for classes online via MyIvy.

  3. Pay your tuition online via MyIvy.

What if I need help?

All of our services right now are virtual. If you need help, please reach out by:

Important things to remember as a Guest Student

  • Ivy Tech does not offer financial aid to Guest Students.
  • Guest Student Applications 
    • Need to be completed in order to register for classes (Please allow at least 1-2 business days after submission before you register for classes.)
    • Are only good for one semester (If you had taken a guest student course before, you will need to fill out another application for this term.)
  • Be sure to speak with your advisor at your home institution to make sure you are taking courses that will transfer. Ivy Tech cannot guarantee the transferability of courses to your home institution.
  • It is important you are aware of the prerequisites for every Ivy Tech course. Having the knowledge necessary to succeed in your course(s) is assured by completing the prerequisites. Please review the college catalog to review the prerequisites for each course, or speak with your advisor
  • If you plan to use GI Bill benefits as a guest student you will need to contact your home college Veteran Services and request a parent letter to be sent to Veteran Services at the Ivy Tech location where you are registered. You should also contact the Ivy Tech Veteran Services office to confirm that your benefits have been applied. 


"I had such an amazing experience as a guest student at Ivy Tech. I was able to take classes during the summer and get ahead in my course work, which relieved me of a lot of stress and gave me more freedom to pick and choose my courses for the next semester. Summer school isn't ideal for lots of people, but my professor at Ivy Tech was able to fit so much information into such a short course, and I left every class feeling really confident in myself and the education I received. My professor made such an effort to make the course interesting, and to ensure that we felt comfortable with the material we were learning. Ivy Tech has amazing instructors and professors and not only did I enjoy the classes I took, but I was definitely prepared for the classes I took when I returned to IU in the Fall." - Hailey 

Ivy Tech guest student testimonial Hailey Ip


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