Ivy Tech Community College has partnered with Barnes and Noble bookstore to allow students to purchase educationally related items against pending financial aid for the term. Students with excess pending financial aid may have a line of credit in the Ivy Tech Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Any purchases made against this line of credit will be posted to the student’s college account and will reduce the amount of the refund the student may receive from excess financial aid. Students do not need to use their financial aid line of credit to purchase required textbooks and materials included in the Ivy+ Textbook program.

Visit Ivy+ Textbooks to learn more about the program. 

There are some restrictions when making purchases against the financial aid line of credit:

  • The maximum line of credit in the bookstore is $1,500 per term. Students enrolled in the Nursing, Practical Nursing, and Dental Hygiene programs have a maximum of $2,000 per term. 
  • The student is limited to the purchase of one computer, laptop, or tablet, and one printer every two (2) years.
  • Students may purchase one camera per semester. 
  • Only headphones under $100 are permitted. 
  • There are a number of items that are not eligible for purchase using Federal Financial Aid Title IV funds, including: candy, food and beverages; gaming systems, games and accessories; cell phones; phone cards; Xbox live membership cards, or any prepaid cards; and DVD movies.