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What is MuncieMatters?

The City of Muncie is partnering with Ivy Tech Community College to help those who need it most. We know that education is the key to help our community thrive. Often when city officials are working within the public sector, many people are facing a significant crisis. Ivy Tech Muncie’ s mission is to do the right things for the right reasons. This concierge service will connect those facing a crisis with the right resources. As an institution, we know we cannot be all things to all people, but we can be the beacon that shines the light so people can better navigate the journey ahead of them.

How MuncieMatters Helps You:

With the model set by the WorkMatters program at Ivy Tech Muncie, the MuncieMatters staff
and the Student Success Champion Network will work with community services to help
students build their lives. The ultimate goal is to remove barriers outside of education that
perpetuates poverty and other detrimental life cycles. Essentially, teaching life skills and guiding
them through the repair process so that once they graduate they can be independent,
productive members of their families and the community. In addition to helping the individual,
the interventions and support through this program could engage future generations within
these families to pursue higher education.

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