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College and Career Concierge (C3PO)

What is the College and Career Concierge: Pathways to Opportunity (C3PO)?

C3PO is a guide for high school students with some college credits to learn about the college and career opportunities available to them. All questions are welcome and answered by a knowledgeable member of faculty or staff. 

Who can use C3PO?

High school students and high school graduates with college credits and parents can use C3PO. 

Either you've graduated from high school with some college credits or you're on your way to graduation. What's next? Sometimes this isn't the easiest question to answer, let us help. Ivy Tech Muncie/Henry County has knowledgeable faculty and staff that can help you make this important decision. 

The College and Career Concierge: Pathways to Opportunities team will assist you in making this important decision easier. You've studied hard, earned credits through your Advanced Placement or dual credit courses and now you need to make a decision. Reach out to us at today!

C3PO will continue to expand into a full concierge service.