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Ivy Tech Community College seeks to provide the necessary out-of-classroom services that ensure students are successful in fulfilling their academic and career goals. In particular, the College focuses a great deal of attention and efforts in making sure the correct textbooks are on the shelves or available through the distance education service for each term. Regardless of your campus or region designation, or whether or not you are taking classes on-line or in-person, please know that your textbooks will be delivered to the Follett Bookstores before the start of the term and in ample supply. Also, if you are eligible for Federal financial aid (Title IV), you may be eligible to charge your textbooks and educationally related supplies to your student account.

In order to help facilitate obtaining your books in a timely manner, the College has made arrangements with Follett Bookstores that allow students to charge the purchase of educationally related items against your pending financial aid for the term. Amounts charged are deducted from your refund check. In order to accommodate this arrangement, the College has developed and implemented several guidelines that govern the types of items that can be charged in the Follett Bookstores:

  • The maximum line of credit in the Follett Bookstore is $1,500 per term. Students enrolled in the Nursing, Practical Nursing, and Dental Hygiene programs have a maximum of $2,000, if needed.
  • The student is limited to the purchase of one computer or tablet and printer every three (3) years using their Title IV aid. In addition, any student wanting to purchase a computer or tablet and printer must complete the required Computer Hardware Request Form and have it formally approved by the regional Business Office.
  • Students may purchase one camera per semester using financial aid.
  • Only headphones under $50 will be permitted to be charged to financial aid.
  • There are a number of items that are no longer eligible for purchase using Title IV funds. These include the following: candy, food, and beverages; gaming systems, games, and accessories; cell phones; phone cards, Xbox live membership cards, or any prepaid cards; and DVD movies.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Business/Bursar's Office. Thank you.

Policy effective December 17, 2012. Revised July 2013.