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Will financial aid pay for my books and when will it be available?

  • Financial aid must first be used to cover charges for tuition and fees. If there are additional funds available and if the funds are not restricted to payment of tuition and fees, these additional funds can be made available in the bookstore to purchase books and required supplies.
  • Ivy Tech allows a student a $1,500 maximum line of credit in the Bookstore based on the amount of Financial Aid available after Tuition and Fees. Nursing, Practical Nursing and Dental Hygiene majors’ maximum line of credit per College policy is $2,000 after Tuition and Fees.
  • Restrictions apply on the types of items students may purchase and the frequency in which those items can be purchased. Please review the Bookstore Purchase Policy for more details.

Textbook Availability:

Students will be notified via their Ivy Tech e-mail when Financial Aid is available for them to use in the bookstore.

Students will need to go to MyIvy to electronically sign their financial aid authorization (book sheet). This authorization will allow your aid to be released to the Bookstore to charge books and pay for any other miscellaneous charges on your account for the upcoming semester. You may also manually sign an authorization form at your campus business/bursar office. If your aid was authorized for the previous semester, you do not need to repeat these steps.

To authorize use of financial aid in the bookstore, you must follow these steps:
  1. Log into MyIvy
  2. Select Tools & Resources
  3. Select Financial Aid Requirements
    1. TIP: Click the heart icon to add this to your My Favorites list
  4. Select Requirements, Verification Documentation and Financial Aid Authorization Forms
  5. Select Aid Year
  6. Select Authorize FA to Pay Charges Other Than Tuition and Fees
  7. Read form and choose whether to accept or deny the authorization. Acceptance on the first option will allow books to be charged at the bookstore as long as there is available aid after tuition and fees are covered. Acceptance of the second option will allow previous balances from the previous aid year only up to $200 to be covered by current semester financial aid.
  8. Click Submit button at bottom of authorization after choosing an option on both authorizations
  9. Exit the system
  10. Students with available financial aid awards will be notified by email when the bookstore account is established.  The email will include instructions on how to locate the students individual credit limit available at the bookstore.