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Ivy Tech Community College is the largest contributor to the Indiana workforce in the state.  We prepare Indiana residents to live and work in a diverse and globally competitive environment by delivering an education that is not only professional and technical - but that fosters lifelong learning. Through our affordable, open-access education and training programs, we play a critical role in ensuring the competitiveness of the state of Indiana. Through our unique program, we:

  • Serve more than 170,000 students a year
  • Award more than 20,000 degrees and certificates a year
  • Impact the economy at approximately $8.2 billion in annual total benefits
  • Cultivate industry leaders serving on degree program advisory boards
  • Retain 97% of our graduates - meaning they stay in Indiana.

All these things combine to make Ivy Tech a true engine of Indiana’s workforce; training Hoosiers for careers that will grow our future economy.


For more information on the expected workforce needs in Indiana, check out the Occupational Demand Report from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. The report represents the expected workforce needs of Indiana employers for a ten-year projection, along with associated education and training that will be required to meet these workforce needs.