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IvyWorks Indy Women in Tech

Women are Choosing Careers in Tech

About IvyWorks Indy Women in Tech

IvyWorks Indy Women in Tech (IWiT) is a program at Ivy Tech Community College designed to give students the support they need to earn industry-backed credentials and build a career in Indiana’s fastest-growing fields.

It provides strategic professional development, business networking, and wraparound support, so participants can earn their degrees and excel in their careers.

Ivy Tech offers a variety of programs in high-demand fields, which were designed with input from industry leaders. By partnering with high-demand programs in technology, IvyWorks IWiT increases access to workforce credentials and associate degree programs.

IvyWorks/IWiT is supported by the Indy Women in Tech Foundation and creates unique opportunities for female Ivy Tech students pursuing careers in computing, informatics, and information technology. As one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the country, tech companies are relocating to Indiana and expanding their workforces in record numbers

Through this program, you can take advantage of:

  • Paid internship opportunities with local tech companies, funded by Salesforce
  • A high-value degree or certificate in two years or less
  • Scholarships
  • Female mentorships
  • Networking events
  • Industry-backed credentials
  • Support services to help with financial barriers

Career Spotlights

Associate Software Engineer Software Developer

  • $49,500/annually
  • $23.80/hour
  • Annual openings: 1,956

Computer User Support Specialist

  • Average $42,827/annually
  • $20.59/hour
  • Annual openings: 298

Program Details

  • IvyWorks/IWit is a program at Ivy Tech Community College designed to give students the support they need to earn industry-backed credentials and build a career in Indiana’s fastest-growing fields. Benefits that set this program apart include: 

    • Flexibility: We work with students and employers to provide flexible class scheduling and advising. Class offerings include both in-class and online options.
    • Professional Development: IvyWorks/IWiT provides specialized soft-skill workshops and offers one-to-one career advising.
    • Career Networking: Students in IvyWorks are able to connect with the labor market and expand career pathways through site visits, employer panels and hiring events. IvyWorks/IWiT connects students to industry and peer leaders in order to increase awareness of opportunities and pathways to employment.
    • Wraparound Support: IvyWorks/IWiT staff work to identify and connect students to resources that support their success and independence. 
    • Scholarships: Participants may be eligible for scholarships to help cover costs and wrap-around services to address financial barriers.
    • Female
    • New or current Ivy Tech student (2.0 GPA minimum)
    • Academic and financial good standing
    • FAFSA on file with Ivy Tech
    • Enrolled in an Ivy Tech School of Information Technology Program

    Indiana is quickly becoming a hub for information technology. The Information Technology Support program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to deploy, troubleshoot, and support stand-alone and networked computing systems and technology. Students learn a diverse array of problem-solving techniques for solutions to practical computer-related issues and skills in computing technology support. Students will learn the ability to diagnose problems and walk customers through resolving issues, skills in computer-related issues, and supporting/repairing computer equipment and training.

    Programs include:

  • Employers love to see a degree or credential from Ivy Tech. You could have your credential or degree in two years or less in a variety of fields: 

    • Cyber Security: Digital forensics, network penetration, Network security
    • Database: Data analytics, database administration, database development
    • Network Infrastructure: Routing and switching
    • Informatics
    • IT Support: IT help desk, IT support
    • Server Administration
    • Software Development: Java application, web application, web foundations
    • Visual Communications

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