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About the TeenWorks Scholars Program

The TeenWorks Scholars Program is a scholarship program that can help you turn your dreams into a realistic career so you can make a better life for yourself, your family. You will also have the opportunity to give back!

This program offers:

  • Free Tutoring
  • Wraparound and support services
  • $100 monthly stipend
  • Tuition based scholarships 
  • Textbook assistance
  • Laptop Loaner Program
  • Much more!

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals must meet all of the following criteria:

  • TeenWorks alumni who attend or plan to attend Ivy Tech Community College (Indianapolis)
  • Full-Time enrollment at Ivy Tech Community College

In order for students to remain in good standing and demonstrate a high level of efficacy, they much adhere to the following criteria: 

  • Each student must have completed two sessions of the TeenWorks program by either participation in two summer sessions or one summer session and a full year in the Pro Employment Program. 
  • Students must be in good standing in regards to both attendance and academics. 
  • Students must have completed an academic plan in their junior or senior year of high school. 
  • Students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA. 
  • Students must complete their degree or certificate in a maximum of 5 semesters with an average of 12 credit hours per semester. 

How to Apply

Need some help? We are here for you! If you have any questions at any point of the application process, contact us using at the emails above!

Don't forget to:

  • Complete FAFSA for academic year of application
  • Request 1-2 recommendation letters 

You will be required to attend an onboarding workshop to give you more information about the TeenWorks Scholars program.  We’re so excited to have you join us!

Scholar Responsibilities

To remain eligible for this scholarship, you must participate in:

  • Individualized guidance, mentoring and tutoring
  • Service learning & cultural events
  • Monthly programming & student meetings
  • Retain full-time academic status

Laptop Loaner Program

The Laptop Loaner Program is for TeenWorks students currently enrolled at Ivy Tech.  For more details please email the contacts above. 


Contact & Info


The TeenWorks Scholars Program at Ivy Tech was made possible through a $1 million grant from the Marianne Glick and Mike Woods Charitable Fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). 

Learn more in this article:

"Ivy Tech receives $1 million grant from Marianne Glick and Mike Woods Charitable Fund."

More Information

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