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We Are Capable. We Are Ambitious. We Are Upward Bound.











Upward Bound is working to give students at Muncie Central High School the tools, resources, and guidance they need to succeed in high school and later college. Students must meet some or all of the following criteria to be eligible for Upward Bound:

  • Be a potential first-generation college student OR from a low-income family (Priority is given to students who are both low-income AND first generation.)
  • Be a Muncie Central High School student (or incoming student)
  • Be interested/invested in having an additional support system

Our job, as the Upward Bound team, is to support our students in being successful academically, personally, and professionally. We are devoted to our students and want to see them achieve what we know they can! Upward Bound offers the following resources and services:

  • Receive one-on-one mentoring and advising 
  • Tutoring and study sessions
  • Receive stipends for participation and attendance (up to $40/month during the school year and $60/month during the summer)
  • Career exploration opportunities
  • College Tours
  • Pre-professional development opportunities
  • Get a taste of college during our summer academy, with on-campus college prep classes and activities.
  • Connecting with students at MCHS who have similar goals and ambitions.
  • Take trips locally, in-state, and out of state
  • Guidance in applying for FAFSA, scholarships, jobs, and college applications.

For more information regarding Upward Bound, please click here and complete a virtual interest form. You can also contact our Director, Zanna Williams, via phone at 765-289-2291 ext. 1638 or via email at