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3 New Math Pathways Have Been Developed

These pathways will allow math to support the student's program and career needs. 

These pathways benefit students in multiple ways. The pathways have eliminated some math courses giving students very clear choices of math classes, and less chance to have to repeat math when changing majors.  College algebra is no longer required for as many majors and has been replaced by statistics and reasoning classes to better match the math skills you will actually use on the job.  All of this means that if you struggle in math you may be able to complete your degree requirements and graduate from college in less time.

Here are the 3 new pathways:
1.  Tech Pathway This pathway has been designed for the School of Technology, with an emphasis on real-life applications.  It features math lessons taught using concepts learned in the technical lab.
2. Quantitative Reasoning Pathway This pathway includes a quantitative reasoning course designed to support all non-transfer Associate of Applied Science degrees, Associate of Arts, and other transfer programs in the public and social service fields, as well as most health programs.  Quantitative reasoning will get you thinking about problem solving with measurement, geometry, finance central tendency and probability.
3. Algebra/Calculus Transfer Pathway This pathway begins with College Algebra and is intended for STEM majors in the School of Applied Science/Engineering Technology; science, math and social science majors in liberal arts, and for business and a select few health programs.