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This pathway has been designed for the Division of Technology, with an emphasis on real-life applications.  This is a new class which features math lessons taught using concepts learned in the technical lab. Only minimal algebra is required for this pathway and is included in MATH 122. Students in this pathway will learn concepts they will need on the job.

Classes you will take:

If you have chosen a program within the Tech Pathway then you will take 1 of 2 math classes.  If you are college-ready, meaning you have assessed using ACT/SAT/PSAT scores, high school GPA, previous college courses or degree, or you have scored well on the Accuplacer, they you could be placed in MATH 122.  If you have assessed below college-ready and need to enroll in college prep classes first, you will be placed in Foundations.

In this pathway, your journey through MATH will look like this: 

Technical Certificates in this Pathway:

Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology Energy Technology
Automotive Technology HVAC
Aviation Maintenance Technology Industrial Apprenticeship
Building Construction Technology Industrial Technology
Design Technology Machine Tool Technology

Please note that this is an overview of math changes.  Please meet with your academic advisor to discuss your specific situation based on your specific educational goals.