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This pathway includes a quantitative reasoning course designed to support all non-transfer Associate of Applied Science degrees, Associate of Arts, and other transfer programs in the public and social service fields, as well as most health programs.

Quantitative reasoning will get you thinking about problem solving with measurement, geometry, finance, central tendency and probability.

Classes you will take:

If you have chosen a program within the Quantitative Reasoning Pathway then you will take 1 of 2 math classes.  If you are college-ready, meaning you have assessed using ACT/SAT/PSAT scores, high school GPA, previous college courses or degree, or you have scored well on the Accuplacer, they you could be placed in MATH 123.  If you have assessed below college-ready and need to enroll in college prep classes first, you will be placed in MATH 080.

In this pathway, your journey through MATH will look like this.  Please note that if you test in to MATH 080 you will also take MATH 123 as a co-requisite.  This means that the two classes will be taken at the same time.  For more information, please talk with your advisor.:

Degrees in this Pathway:

Accounting (AAS) General Education Transfer Core Library Technical Assistant Professional Communication
Agriculture (AAS) General Studies Medical Assisting Respiratory Care
Business Administration (AAS) Health Care Support Medical Laboratory Technology Server Administration
Criminal Justice Health Information Technology Mortuary Science Software Development (AAS)
Database Management/Admin (AAS) Homeland Security/Public Safety Network Infrastructure Surgical Technology
Dental Hygiene Hospitality Administration Neurodiagnostic Technology Therapeutic Massage
Early Childhood Education Human Services Nursing Visual Communications
Education Informatics (AAS) Office Administration
Environmental Design Information Technology Support Paralegal Studies
Fine Arts Liberal Arts (AA) Paramedic Science

Please note that this is an overview of math changes.  Please meet with your academic advisor to discuss your specific situation based on your specific educational goals.