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Which Engineering Program is right for you?

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Are you thinking about a career in engineering? At Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne, we offer five exciting engineering programs. Each one is different and will help you learn important skills for your future job. Whether you love solving problems, working with technology, or designing things, you'll find a program here that's just right for you. Let's take a look at what makes each program special.

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Engineering: Where Math and Creativity Meet

Learn how to mix math, science, and creativity to understand how things work. This program will give you a strong start in engineering.

Jobs You Can Get: Ready to keep studying for a bachelor's degree in many engineering fields. This program makes it easier and cheaper to move to a four-year college later.

Money You Might Earn: About $84,649 a year.

Is This For You? If you like building, solving problems, and are good at math, this could be your program.

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Engineering Technology: Innovation through Technology

What It's About: Use engineering and technology together to find smarter ways to do things. Learn about working well with others and using technology in smart ways.

Jobs You Can Get: Work in different places, helping companies use technology better.

Money You Might Earn: About $71,701 a year.

Is This For You? Great if you're good at making things better and faster, like working in teams, and enjoy technology.

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Mechanical Engineering Technology: For Those Who Love to Build

What It's About: Focus on using your hands and learning about materials and designs. You'll leave ready for a job where you can build and fix things.

Jobs You Can Get: Work in designing, making, and testing different things.

Money You Might Earn: About $71,672 a year.

Is This For You? If you enjoy hands-on work and figuring out how things work, this might be your pick.

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Electrical Engineering Technology: Bringing Power to Ideas

What It's About: Learn the basics of electrical engineering. You'll learn about circuits, computer programming, and how to test and build electrical systems.

Jobs You Can Get: Prepare for further study or start working in electrical engineering.

Money You Might Earn: About $73,931 a year.

Is This For You? Good for you if you like to think carefully, enjoy technical tasks, and are interested in electricity.

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Electronics & Computer Technology: Where Electronics Meet Computers

Get hands-on with electronics and computers. Learn about electronic parts, how to fix and test them, and how to communicate well in your job.

Jobs You Can Get: Work in different areas like robotics, energy, and computing.

Money You Might Earn: About $72,860 a year.

Is This For You? Perfect if you want to start working soon, like technology, and are good at paying attention to details.

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