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The Automotive program, with the support of industry partners, is designed to be interactive and relevant to current and future industry demands. The program incorporates industry recognized certifications as well as highly qualified instructors that believe in quality student learning experiences.

Coming for the Fall 2021 Semester

Ivy Tech Indianapolis will open a new Automotive Technology Center for the fall 2021 semester. It will celebrate in a Groundbreaking Ceremony on July 22 at 10 a.m.

This new center, located in the International Marketplace District on the northwest side of the city, will feature nine labs, 16 classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities. 


About the Ivy Tech Automotive Technology program

To learn basic information about Ivy Tech's Automotive Technology program, including degree or certificate details and program curricula, visit IvyTech.edu/automotive-technology.

Ivy Tech Indianapolis Automotive Technology program offers:

  • Paid cooperative education opportunities 100% job placement for those who meet industry employability requirements
  • Both hands-on and cognitive skills training to prepare graduates to diagnose and service the high tech systems found on modern vehicles

Upon graduation, Automotive Technology Programs graduates are prepared to:

  • Take and successfully pass the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Technician Certification Exams
  • Continue their careers as full-time professional automotive service technician with the hands-on and cognitive skills necessary to meet the high demand for trained automotive service technician today.

Local contacts

For more information about the program, contact the program or department chair, or instructor over the area of your interest. 

Title Name Email Phone Number
Recruiter Marvin Smith msmith186@ivytech.edu (317) 269-9313 
Program Chair Jeff Evans jevans205@ivytech.edu (317) 269-9232
GM ASEP Program Keith Huettl khuettl@ivytech.edu (317) 269-9272
Toyota T-TEN Program Nathan Smith nsmith105@ivytech.edu (317) 269-9223
CAP Program Tony Harter tharter8@ivytech.edu (317) 968-1658
Diesel Technology Ron Finney rfinney@ivytech.edu (317) 269-9273
Motorsports Technology Ron Finney rfinney@ivytech.edu (317) 269-9273

Local Curriculum

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Technical Certificate:
    • Automotive Service
    • FCA Chrystler
    • Motorsports
    • Automotive Management
  • Certificates
    • Automotive Electrical/Electronics
    • Certificate Engine Performance
    • Certificate Power Train
Next Level JobsIndiana Next Level Jobs

You may be eligible for a free certificate offered through this degree program. Learn more

  • If you qualify for a free certificate, you can still earn an associate degree. Tell your advisor you would like to earn the free certificate and upon completion, you can continue on to earn your associate degree. 



The General Motors Automotive Service Education Program (GM ASEP) is a comprehensive two year Associate of Applied Science Degree,  cooperative education training program where  students alternate between classroom/lab work at the college and paid hands on work experience at a sponsoring GM Dealership or AC Delco Service facility. 

Upon successful completion of the program:

  • Students will have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Automotive Technology and completed up to 94% of the GM Service Technical College (STC) required training
  • These graduates are GM certified and ready to start a great fulltime career servicing GM vehicles

Toyota T-TEN

Contact: Nathan Smith

T-TEN is a world class training program with the ultimate goal of training and placing Toyota and Lexus certified technicians in a dealership position.

Toyota T-TEN is a cooperative education program that combines hands-on classroom training with paid in-dealership work experience.  Students have the option of completing a 2 year AAS degree or a 1 year technical certificate.

Upon completion:

  • You will be Toyota Trained and Certified
  • You will be ASE Certified
  • You will have real world Toyota/Lexus Dealership Experience
  • You will have a rewarding career as a Toyota/Lexus Certified Technician

Successful graduates can obtain full time employment at a Toyota/Lexus dealership earning competitive starting wages in the $32,000 to $46,000 range.  Dealership Master Technicians make over $80,000 per year.  Successful graduates will also have earned their Associate of Applied Science degree or Technical Certificate, a minimum of 2 ASE certifications in addition to the Toyota Certifications.  These students have the ability to transfer to many four year universities to earn a baccalaureate degree.