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Targeted email distribution groups

As of August 2018, listservs are being phased out. Distribution groups are now being made available to better target groups across campuses. The use of these falls under the Computer Resources Policy listed in the statewide Employee Handbook for Ivy Tech Community College. 

  • Any mass e-mail solicitation should receive prior approval by the employee’s direct supervisor with the understanding that communication via e-mail must directly relate to the group being communicated with.
  • When sending to a distribution group, it is requested that you put the desired address in the BCC (blind carbon copy) line to avoid reply-all situations.
  • Overuse and abuse of distribution groups is considered to be an excessive and annoying use of electronic mail as a computer resource. Violations are subject to disciplinary action as highlighted in the employee handbook.
Established groups

Distribution group addresses are of the format groupname@ivytech.edu

Click here for a complete list of established Fort Wayne and Warsaw, employee and student distribution groups.

Regional Email Guidelines

In addition to the Computer Resources Policy in the employee handbook, the below guidelines are addendums and expectations of Ivy Tech Community College's policy.

Appropriate use of college email

There is the expectation that faculty and staff will use the Ivy Tech Community College e-mail system as the most frequent means of communication with students, faculty and staff.

  • Message should include name and contact information
  • Make every effort to respond to e-mails within 1-2 business days
  • Check e-mail (at minimum) once per working day
  • Post an “Out of Office” message when away from office for more than 2-3 business days
  • Avoid using uncommon fonts and e-mail wallpaper backgrounds. Stick with the basics. In an organizational setting, these often are considered unprofessional. You are representing a brand -- what the college stands for. Save the 'extras' for your personal use.
  • Consider using BCC (blind carbon copy) when sending e-mail to a number of individuals, in order to avoid unnecessary reply-all responses.

Professional development opportunities

Updated September 9, 2015


Taking Ivy Tech courses: Fee remission

Benefits-eligible employees may enroll in up to twelve (12) Ivy Tech credit hours or an equivalent number of non-credit courses (fees remitted for non-credit courses not to exceed credit course fees for twelve (12) Ivy Tech credit hours per fiscal year. Educational travel courses are not eligible for fee remission. The College will waive the general fee for the credit hours/non-credit courses and the technology fee when a fee remission waiver request form is approved prior to registration for the course.

As a benefits-eligible employee, your spouse and/or dependents may be eligible to enroll in Ivy Tech courses for up to fifteen (15) credit hours or an equivalent number of non-credit courses (fees remitted for non-credit courses not to exceed credit course fees for fifteen (15) credit hours) per semester. Educational travel courses are not eligible for fee remission. Class schedules with itemized fees for either spouses or dependents must be submitted to HR for approval. The "Dependent Child Acknowledgement Form for Purposes of Fee Remission" must also be completed for employee dependents each semester.

Taking courses at another college or university: Tuition reimbursement

  • Employees seeking a bachelor’s, master's, or doctoral degree will be limited to approval for tuition reimbursement of 6 credit hours per fiscal year.
  • NOTE: Employees currently on professional development plans to meet credentialing requirements will not be subject to the 6 credit hour limitation.

These terms are in place provided the course is taken at an institution accredited by the federally recognized regional association (i.e., North Central Association for an Indiana college or university). For attendance at an Indiana state supported college or university, the amount eligible for reimbursement is the general fee credit hour rate. For attendance at a private or out-of-state college or university, the College may reimburse tuition up to but not to exceed the in-state general credit hour fee of the state college or university in close proximity offering a similar course. The College will only reimburse the general fees when:

  1. The course is related to your current job responsibilities or possible future responsibilities within the College at the time the policy is applied, or b) the course is an elective toward degree completion and the degree is related to your current job responsibilities or possible future responsibilities within the College at the time the policy is applied. A copy of the degree curriculum requirements must be on file with the Human Resources office.
  2. A tuition reimbursement request form is approved prior to registration for the course.
  3. You have provided proof of a final grade of A, B, or C, or satisfactory completion of courses within a doctoral program, and a copy of the fee statement.
  4. A tuition reimbursement repayment agreement form is signed.

Degree completion benefit

Benefits-eligible employees who meet the state eligibility criteria will receive a base salary increase for the completion of an associate, bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree. Employees completing a lesser degree than required for their position are eligible provided the degree is pertinent to their continued employment with the college. An employee is limited to one (1) base salary increase per degree level.

Increase amounts:

  • Associate Degree:  $250.00
  • Bachelor's Degree:  $500.00
  • Master's Degree:  $1,000.00
  • Ph.D., Ed.D., J.D.: $2,000.00

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Successful completion of the ninety (90) working day probationary period.
  2. The degree is related to the employee's current position or for possible future employment opportunities at the college.
  3. An official transcript is submitted to human resources to document the degree attainment.

Conferences and seminars through Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw: Professional development

  • All travel-related professional development requests need to be routed through the applicable Cabinet or Executive Leadership Council member for funding approval.
  • There are some Perkins grant funds (speak with your respective Dean) and Faculty Assembly funds (see Faculty Assembly Blackboard site) available for faculty professional development. Limited amounts of Foundation funds and regional strategic initiative funds are available for staff professional development.



Adjunct faculty and part-time (non-temporary) staff who have successfully completed two full semesters of employment with the College are eligible for fee remission. 
-See the Ivy Tech HR part-time employee handbook for details.


Other HR Forms

College forms are available on Infonet through the Employee Services tab of MyIvy.