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Ivy Tech Community College Volunteer Firefighter Scholarship

(For Active Volunteer Firefighters and EMS Personnel)

Volunteer in your community to attend most Ivy Tech programs for freeThank you for serving your community. We deeply appreciate your time and commitment, and in return, we want to help you and your family. 

The scholarship provides funds for individuals in any Ivy Tech Community College program, as long as they are an Indiana resident and active volunteer firefighter or EMS personnel. 

How to enroll and claim free tuition:
  1. Apply to Ivy Tech Community College. 

  2. Complete the FAFSA to apply for financial aid.
  3. Request a letter from the fire department or medical provider confirming your active volunteer status. Once you have the letter, send it to your local Ivy Tech Registrar's office.

Once your student account is coded by the Registrar’s office, you will be able to declare a program of study and sign up for classes in your chosen program.

Please remember to resubmit a letter every term. If you need to stop attending classes for a period of time, a new letter must be presented upon your re-enrollment at Ivy Tech.

We know you have questions about what your Fall will look like, and we have the answers!

This fall, Ivy Tech will provide students with the option to take classes face-to-face, online, and/or virtually - it is your choice. Many of our students earn certificates and degrees that place them into great careers quickly. Others earn credits that transfer smoothly to universities in Indiana and throughout the country. And best of all, Ivy Tech’s tuition is a fraction of those other colleges.

How are classes going to be offered in August?

We look forward to having students back on campus for August classes while ensuring your safety and needs. We will offer classes face-to-face while also continuing to offer a robust schedule of virtual and online options. You will be able to choose week-to-week how you want to “attend” your class, especially if your personal situation changes and would make attending a face-to-face class difficult or a risk to your safety or to the safety of others.

Volunteer in your community to attend most Ivy Tech programs for free

Here are some other things to consider about the scholarship:

Why are you offering the Volunteer Firefighter Scholarship?

How long is the scholarship available?

Who is eligible for the Volunteer Firefighter Scholarship?

What other enrollment criteria is there?

Are there any exceptions?

What if I am a paid firefighter and a volunteer firefighter? Can I receive the scholarship?

What if I already have a degree? Am I still eligible?

What programs are available to me?

How long is the scholarship available?

What if I receive state or federal aid? Can I still receive the scholarship funds?

Will I have to meet Indiana’s FAFSA deadline?

What if I receive funding from the Workforce Ready Grant (Next Level Jobs program)?

What happens if I need to leave Ivy Tech Community College, or if I quit volunteering with an emergency service?

Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association