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What should I bring with me to my exam appointment?

If you have made your appointment through the Ivy Tech online scheduling system (, your confirmation email will list everything you need to bring. Otherwise you will want to check with your instructor or third-party exam sponsor as applicable to your situation. This is important because arriving without required ID or documentation could result in not being able to take the exam. You should always bring your valid – unexpired – photo ID with you.

What items are not allowed in the Testing Center?

Items Not Allowed in Testing Room: (This list is not all inclusive. Other items that are deemed to cause distraction to other candidates or put exam security at risk may be prohibited):

  • Watches, Fitbits, Cellphone, Backpacks, Purses, Wallets, Bags, Sunglasses, Food or Drink, Loose Change, Personal Scratch Paper, Pencils, Pens, Tissues, Hats, Earmuffs, Scarfs, Umbrellas, Medications (inhalers or diabetic items are exceptions), Personal Laptops, Keys, work ID badges 
  • Outerwear - Coats and jackets should be stored or hung up outside of testing room.

Items to be VISUALLY checked before a candidate is seated: 

  • Glasses - Proctor must visually inspect the glasses of candidate. 
  • Jewelry - Solid or chunky jewelry must be visually inspected. Items that may cause noise or distraction must be removed.
  • Pockets - Pockets of candidates must be emptied with all items placed in a locker or storage area. 
Is there someplace to store my personal belongings?

The majority of Ivy Tech testing centers have lockers or similar areas to lock-up belongings. At some of our smaller Testing Centers these may not be available or may be limited in number. We encourage candidates to bring as few personal items to the Testing Center as possible.

Can I have someone wait in the Center while I take my exam?

Only exam candidates are allowed in the Center including the waiting area and testing room. 

Can you give me an overview of the process?
  • When you first arrive to the center you will be greeted by a proctor. 
  • You will be asked to show your ID and any other required documentation for your exam.
  • You will be asked to store your personal belongings.
  • The proctor will walk you through any security checks depending on the exam you are taking.
  • The proctor will confirm the exam you are taking and will provide you with any items that are allowed with the exam (scratch paper, pencil, earplugs, etc.).
  • The proctor will provide you with instructions relevant to the exam you are taking. If you have specific questions about the process for your particular exam now is the best time to ask.
  • You will be seated for the exam.
  • During the exam if you have questions please raise your hand and a proctor will assist you.
  • After your exam, the proctor will walk you through the appropriate check-out steps relevant to your exam.
  • You will retrieve your personal belongings and be on your way.