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Risk Management Team

Our Mission

To assist in identifying, analyzing, treating, monitoring, and controlling risks that may hinder the reputation, safety, security and financial prosperity of Ivy Tech Community College.

What We Do

We provide consultation and insurance and claims management; support the statewide coordinator for safety and security and disaster preparedness; inform policies and procedures to support safe and compliant operations; and design tools to assist the campus community in managing risk. We strive to be a valued partner and desire for all to take part in the risk management process.

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Jennifer Bowersock, Director of Risk Management

Jabari Lewis, Assistant Director of Risk Management



Accident Report Forms

Accident Report Forms should be used to advise appropriate College officials of cases of bodily injury or property damage. Report all accidents immediately.

Incident Reporting

The Incident Report Form should be used to advise appropriate College officials of cases of student academic dishonesty, personal misconduct, or other behavioral concerns.
If you see something, say something. 

Certificate of Insurance Request

Affiliate sites and certain third parties doing business with the College require proof of financial responsibility in case of an accident.  Whenever third parties request “evidence of insurance” or “proof of insurance,” they are requesting a Certificate of Insurance.  Examples are car rental agencies, clinical sites, and off-site locations that the College may be using for a conference or special event. 

Driver Authorization Form

International Travel Registry

Releases & Waivers of Liability



The College manages its risks in four general ways: 1) by avoiding a possibly hazardous task or condition, 2) by modifying the risk to an acceptable level, 3) by transferring the risk to another party by means of a contract and/or insurance purchase, and 4) by retaining the risk after other treatment techniques have been considered.

This section explains technique 3) and the types of insurance policies the College purchases to address its Property and Liability exposures. This summary is intended to provide a high-level overview. Individual claims are subject to the specific terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the appropriate insuring document(s).

Automobile Insurance

Educators Legal Liability

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

International Liability Insurance

International Travel Accident & Sickness

Licensed Professional Liability

Property Insurance

Student Accident Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance