LevelUp is an adaptive, diagnostic, skill-building tool that evaluates the reading, writing, and math skills of individual students. It's a free, web-based tool that assesses student readiness against Indiana State Standards for 8th through 12th grade. The tool helps identify learning gaps, shows target options, and gives teachers a personalized study path to fill in those knowledge gaps.

Ivy Tech Community College partnered with EdReady and the NROC Project to provide this readiness platform for our high school partners. 


Ivy Tech is excited to offer the LevelUp learning tool at no cost for all Indiana students—public, non-public, charter, and home school.


Each student can utilize their high school's LevelUp account or a personal LevelUp account. Please check with your school counselor to find out if your school has an account that you can use. If not, you can create a personal LevelUp account to get started.

Once you are signed into an account, LevelUp starts by taking an initial diagnostic assessment that measures the student's proficiency level in language arts and math. The application then builds them an individualized study path that empowers them to skip the English concepts and/or math that they already understand and accelerate their mastery of the concepts they need to know.

LevelUp stores historical data and can be used longitudinally during a student's academic career to track yearly progress. Teachers, administrators, counselors, parents, and students are then provided with a live dashboard that shows an indicator of a student’s academic performance and growth.

Content areas included in LevelUp:

Reading & Language Arts Math
  • Reading and Language Arts (freshman/sophomore)
  • Grade Reading and Language Arts (junior/senior)
  • Readiness for College English
  • Prep for SAT English
  • Basic Algebra Prep
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Precalculus and Trig
  • Prep for SAT Math

How Teachers Can Use LevelUp

‍Every student has goals, and every learner is some distance from those goals. The LevelUp learning tool meets students where they are and helps them address knowledge gaps that could otherwise limit their access to future academic and workforce opportunities.

LevelUp is designed specifically to support high school-level coursework. High school teachers around the state are using Level Up as:

  • A course supplemental tool
  • For remediation, especially useful for learning loss that may have occurred during COVID closings
  • For SAT test preparation
  • To strengthen skills for college
  • To prepare for Dual Credit classes (where high school students can earn both credit toward high school graduation and Ivy Tech college credit for the same class)


It's important to note that LevelUp is designed around Indiana State Standards for 8th-12th grades and supports high school-level coursework only. LevelUp is not a placement tool for Ivy Tech classes. IvyTech's placement tool, called Knowledge Assessment, was also developed in partnership with EdReady, but is built around Ivy Tech's math and English courses, not Indiana high school standards.

  • LevelUp meetings for school administrators and parents take place virtually on the first and third Friday of each month. To receive email notifications of the meeting URLs, sign up at the link below.


  • Home School Students

    Starting as early as the 8th grade, you can work virtually in math, reading, and language arts developing skills that give you a great start at excelling in high school and college courses. LevelUp content aligns with Indiana Core Standards. All online content is free and you may do some or all of the content. 

    Getting Started

    You can get started at any time. Simply create an account at the link below and complete the courses you wish to work on. 


Questions about LevelUp?

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Email our LevelUp coordinators at LevelUp@ivytech.edu

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If you've had a successful experience with the LevelUp learning tool, use the hashtag #LevelUpIvyTech to share it with us on social media.

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