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Get credit for what you already know.

Ivy Tech Community College offers Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for students with select qualifications and expertise. Ivy Tech evaluates your credentials to see how much credit you are qualified to receive. When you earn credit through PLA, you may save a significant amount of money and complete your degree more quickly.

Work experience, military service, technical training service in AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps are all examples of ways you may have developed the experience and knowledge needed to earn PLA credit. The exact credit awarded is determined using one of three methods:

Certification Crosswalk

Ivy Tech acknowledges certification credentials by providing a "certification crosswalk." This means that certifications may also qualify for college credit.

Credit by Examination

Programs like the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST) give you the chance to prove your proficiency in general education areas like introductory math, writing, business, and science. These exams are available for just a fraction of the cost of a college course, and if you're in the military, you may be able to take the exam for free.

PLA Portfolio

A PLA Portfolio is a detailed documentation illustrating what you have been taught and how successfully you completed the work. The required documentation varies from course to courses, but may include samples of your work, an essay explaining your experience and knowledge, or certificates showing successful completion of workshops or seminars.

When you pursue PLA Portfolio Credit, Ivy Tech will assist you throughout the process. Faculty and staff members will help you determine which courses are the best fit for your skills and will help you develop your portfolio. The portfolio will then be reviewed to determine what credit you can be awarded.


Advanced Placement Exam Fee paid to Educational Testing Service Verified Competency Score of 3
or higher
Ivy Tech Crosswalk
International Baccalaureate Fee paid to IB Testing Service Verified Competency Score of 5
or higher
Ivy Tech Crosswalk
Certificate Equivalencies No fee Verified Competency Proof of certification completion  Ivy Tech Crosswalk
CLEP $107.00 Verified Competency Score of 50% or higher on each exam Ivy Tech Crosswalk
DANTES $100.00 Verified Competency Score ranges vary based on test type Ivy Tech Crosswalk
ITCC PLA Process $50.00 if credit is awarded Verified Competency Core competencies are met.
Please meet with faculty advisor to determine eligibility. 
Meet with faculty advisor to begin the process. 
UExcel Fee paid on website.
Fee depends on test type
Verified Competency Score of 50% or higher on each exam Ivy Tech Crosswalk

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