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Office of Marketing and Communications

If you ask us, we have one of the best jobs on campus—promoting and marketing the value of Ivy Tech Community College throughout West Central Indiana. Through a multi-channel approach, we are responsible for increasing brand awareness, enhancing and protecting our brand reputation, and producing and delivering content strategically to foster meaningful engagement between the college and our communities (including prospective and current students, community partners, alumni, and donors).

First and foremost, we are here for you! We can help get your message out internally and/or externally, in a concise and clever way, to help you strengthen the campus' relationship with current and future students or community partners.

Use the information on this page to learn more about how marketing can help grow the Ivy Tech brand in our region and help market your program or event.

Marketing Tactics and Expected Timelines

We have many ways to promote your event, program, or initiative both on and off-campus, depending on your goals and target audience(s).

Ample planning is critical to the success of marketing tactics. Below you will find examples of various tactics and the time needed for content creation and development. Effective marketing strategies require 4-6 weeks of activities, not including content creation or development. Turn times vary depending on the time of the year. For example, expect longer development times in the weeks prior to Commencement or other large campus events.

Tactic Turn Time
(Development/Content Creation)
Weekly Student Newsletter
(distributed digitally on Mondays)
Provide information by the Wednesday before
Weekly Faculty/Staff Newsletter
(distributed digitally on Mondays)
Provide information by the Wednesday before
MyIvy Calendar and/or MyIvy Announcements 1 week before posting
Campus Digital Signage/TV Monitors 1 week
Campus Flyer/Signage 2 weeks
Email Campaigns 2 weeks
Registration Forms, Surveys, Application Forms
(Qualtrics form)
2 weeks

For more information about the newsletters, contact:

Student Newsletter: Ali Bazzani
Monday Update from Chancellor Crooks (Faculty/Staff Newsletter): Rachael Miller

Tactic Turn Time
(Development/Content Creation)
Print Ads 2-3 weeks
Event Sponsorship As far out from the sponsored event as possible
Radio Ads 3-6 weeks
TV Ads 2-3 months
Geofencing 4-5 weeks
Billboards, Gas Pumps, etc... 6+ weeks
Press Releases and Media Advisories 2-4 weeks
Podcasts 3-4 weeks
Tactic Turn Time
(Development/Content Creation)
Vinyl Banners, Lightpole Banners, Pull Up Banners 3-4 weeks (includes print/production time)
Wall Clings/Decals 3-4 weeks (includes print/production time)
Signage 2 weeks, but varies depending on the request
Swag Items/Promotional Items 3 weeks, but varies depending on the request
Tactic Turn Time
(Development/Content Creation)
Flyers 2 weeks
Postcards/Mailers 4-6 weeks (including mailing)
Posters 2 weeks
Invitations 2 weeks
Brochures 3-4 weeks
Info/Rack Cards 3-4 weeks
Booklet 3-4 weeks
Event Program/Agenda 1-2 weeks
Tactic Turn Time
(Development/Content Creation)
Website Content Update 2-4 days
Webpage Creation 2-4 weeks
Create QR Code <1 week
Create Vanity URL/Link <1 week

Our team has access to update nearly all pages within the Terre Haute and Greencastle microsites. In addition, we are able to update local contact info that appears throughout the entire site and information found on Terre Haute and Greencastle dropdown menus. 

We also have the ability to create additional web pages to highlight a program or initiative that is unique to our campus.

Local Contact Info Example

Local Dropdown Example

Service Turn Time
Photography 2-4 week notice prior to the event/activity
Videography 6-8 weeks of planning/development
Social Media Campaign 4-6 weeks