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Strategic Plan: Higher Education at the Speed of Life

Ivy Tech Terre Haute's Strategic Plan

Our world is changing so fast. Our communities are growing and attracting new industries that
need uniquely skilled workers. Our students’ needs are shifting, requiring the way we deliver
our high-quality curriculum to adapt. These changes call for flexibility, innovation, and efficiency.
What got us to where we are won’t get us to where we need to be. At Ivy Tech, we are focused
on the future. We are keenly aware of the essential role we play in our region, and how we must
be nimble as a key partner in West Central Indiana. It’s why we have named our new strategic
plan Higher Education at the Speed of Life.

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Locally, Ivy Tech students will earn 2,500 high-quality credentials each year aligned with the needs of West Central Indiana’s workforce and communities. Statewide, Ivy Tech students will earn 50,000 high-quality credentials.


We are a diverse open-access college that fuels Indiana’s economy through excellence in teaching and proactive engagement with industry and community partners, embedded in a culture of innovation that empowers all students to learn and succeed.


We stand with our students, partners, and communities.

We treat all with dignity and respect.

We deliver on our commitments.

We innovate, iterate, and transform.

We connect with partners to strengthen communities and ensure student success for all.

Our goals focus on four core areas of impact

  • Introduction

    Faculty have the most direct impact on student success and act as a bridge between academic and workforce offerings. As an open-access institution, the classroom experience must innovate and adapt to the diverse needs of learners. Ivy Tech is committed to investing in the development of our faculty. Ivy Tech will expand skills and practices by leveraging technologies, modalities, instructional practices, training, and other means outlined in our strategies.

    • Strategy 1: Ensure courses are offered in modalities that best lead to student success.
    • Strategy 2: Create a culture of instructional excellence and student engagement.
    • Strategy 3: Focus on gateway courses where first-attempt course pass rates are low.


  • Introduction

    Ivy Tech is Indiana’s workforce engine and must innovate and rapidly respond to employer needs, economic changes, and workforce requests. The transforming needs of Indiana’s current employers and future projected economic growth require seamless opportunities for students to achieve credentials, certifications, degrees, and other industry training. Students – both current and future – will be informed of Indiana’s diverse career opportunities and empowered to succeed with in-demand careers.

    • Strategy 1: Proactively evolve curriculum and skills training to meet projected workforce needs.
    • Strategy 2: Leverage employer relations to increase the connection between students and the local workforce.
    • Strategy 3: Determine and help define the student’s career and professional goals.

    Recognizing that we serve a diverse student population, beginning at the point of registration, Ivy Tech will transform student experiences to improve student success.

    • Strategy 1: Enhance career services and provide a robust, specialized support system for students throughout their academic and career journey.
    • Strategy 2: Prepare students for academic and personal success prior to day-one and reinforce throughout their academic career.
    • Strategy 3: Create a welcoming environment that fosters a sense of belonging with engaging student activity, on campus.
  • Introduction

    Ivy Tech excels in managing effective operations of a large institution by optimizing resources, leveraging the skills of team members across the enterprise, and engaging with external partners for expertise and subject-matter support. We support and promote our top talent and collaboration across the system to accelerate growth and performance.

    • Strategy 1: Improve our ability for cross-functional teamwork to better serve community partners.
    • Strategy 2: Enhance succession plans and increase professional development opportunities.
    • Strategy 3: Increase transparency, collaboration, and communication amongst teams across campus.

Measurements of Success

Annually, the campus will evaluate each metric to ensure we are pushing ourselves to the highest attainable number for each of the following areas: