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Alpha T. Wolf

Alpha T. Wolf, the Official Mascot of Ivy Tech Lafayette

Welcome to the page dedicated to Lafayette's beloved mascot, Alpha T. Wolf. We are thrilled to share with you the fascinating history and significance of our mascot, Alpha, who has become an integral part of our campus community.

Establishment of Alpha T. Wolf

In 2013, Ivy Tech Lafayette students came together to select a mascot that would embody the spirit and values of our campus. After a passionate vote, the decision was clear – the mascot would be a wolf. This choice was not only emblematic of Ivy Tech Lafayette's unity and strength but also deeply rooted in the  campus's close proximity to Wolf Park, a renowned wolf research and education center dedicated to the study and conservation of wolves. This proximity and the educational connection to Wolf Park played a pivotal role in the students' choice to adopt the wolf as our mascot.

Meet Alpha T. Wolf

Alpha T. Wolf represents the very essence of Ivy Tech Lafayette's spirit. He is not just any wolf; he's a dispersal wolf. Dispersal wolves are those individuals who venture out on their own, leaving their birth pack, with the hope of starting a new one. In this case, Alpha has successfully established his own wolf pack right here at the Lafayette campus. Much like Alpha, Ivy Tech Lafayette is a place of new beginnings, growth, and unity.

Alpha T. Wolf symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge, strength, and the desire to form connections. His name, "Alpha," signifies leadership and resilience, qualities that Ivy Tech Lafayette instills in its students as they embark on their academic journey.

Join the Wolf Pack

Alpha T. Wolf welcomes you to become a part of Ivy Tech Lafayette's family. Just like a wolf pack relies on teamwork and camaraderie, our campus thrives on the collaboration and support of our diverse student body. Whether you're a current student, a prospective one, or a member of the community, you are invited to be a part of our pack.

As you explore the world of Ivy Tech Lafayette, remember that Alpha T. Wolf is here to inspire you. He embodies the spirit of determination and exploration. As our mascot, he encourages every member of our community to embrace the opportunities Ivy Tech Lafayette offers.

If you're curious about wolves and their vital role in the ecosystem, you can learn more at Wolf Park, our neighbor and partner in promoting wolf education and conservation.

We hope you'll consider joining Alpha and our Wolf Pack as we continue to grow, learn, and thrive together at Ivy Tech Community College Lafayette.