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The Flame to Your Future

The Ignite program is about unlocking your unlimited potential, in college and beyond! You will join other students with similar experiences and a commitment to their dreams, supported by staff who can guide you and be your biggest fan. You will find resources and knowledge that will help you realize everything that college has to offer.


About the Program

  • Ignite is a program and community at Ivy Tech Community College for former/current foster youth, homeless youth, and independent youth coming to Ivy Tech Community College as first-year college students. If your plans include attending Ivy Tech Community College or you currently attend, we want to connect with you, as we are a resource for independent youth making their transition into college here. Apply to Ignite to get connected to our community of support.

    Ignite is for independent first-year students under the age of 26. You are eligible if you have experienced any of the following:

    • Students who have been in foster care: students who are currently in foster care or have been in foster care.
    • Students who experience housing insecurity or homelessness: students who face housing challenges can have very different experiences, but still qualify. This could be living with friends or relatives who are not their parent or guardian (or “couch-surfing); living in an emergency shelter; living in transitional housing programs or group homes; living in a car, park, campground, abandoned building, bus station, or other public places. Any student who does not have fixed, adequate housing qualifies.
    • Students who are emancipated or unaccompanied- students who are living on their own independently, having been legally emancipated or not, unaccompanied by an adult, parent, or guardian.
    • Students who have had legal guardianship appointed by a court- students are considered independent when a court appoints a guardian who is not their parent.
    • Students who are independently caring for dependents or are providing the primary support for their family- students who may or may not have a household with adults present, but they are acting as head of that household and/or providing the primary support for their family, including but not limited to: having children of their own or raising younger family members.
  • Ignite is a mutually supportive community that unites independent youth with similar backgrounds at Ivy Tech Community College to create a culture of belonging. As a team, we encourage and share in our learning and growth. We connect on-campus and virtually to support you and your goals in the ways that best benefit you. As a student in Ignite, you will receive assistance with but are not limited to:

    • Stipend every 8 weeks
    • Connection help with other programs on campus
    • Financial aid assistance
    • Mentoring
    • Academic plan
    • Tutoring
    • Housing issues
    • Mental Health
    • Scholarship opportunities
    • Much more!

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