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Student Advocacy & Conduct

The purpose of the Aware team is to promote the safety and well-being of our college community. This multi-disciplinary group is tasked to identify concerning behaviors and collaborate to provide intervention strategies that promotes student’s success focused on individual’s well-being.

  • Mental Health Crisis Intervention Plan 
  1. Disruptive Classroom Behavioral Intervention – Quick Reference (PDF)

Summary of Student Advocacy

  • Denise Johnson-Kincaid Headshot

    Denise Johnson-Kincaid, Ed.D.
    Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
    (812) 429-1430

    Dr. Denise Johnson-Kincaid has over 25 years of experience in Student Affairs. She currently serves as the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at Ivy Tech Community College Evansville. Throughout her career, Dr. Johnson-Kincaid has held various administrative leadership roles, including Director of Admissions, Director of the Express Enrollment Center, and Diversity Lead.

    Dr. Johnson-Kincaid holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work with a minor in Criminal Justice from Murray State University, a Master of Public Administration from Indiana State University with a focus on Human Resource Management, and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Oakland City University. In addition to her administrative roles, she co-chairs the AWARE Team and acts as the Ivy Tech judicial officer for the Evansville service area. Her guiding principle is, "Patience and grace are hard to reach, but worth striving for."

    Kelly Cozart Headshot

    Kelly Cozart, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
    (812) 429-9884

    Kelly Cozart is a dedicated member of the AWARE Team at Ivy Tech Community College. With over two decades of service at Ivy Tech, she brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to fostering a supportive and        inclusive campus environment. Kelly began her career at Ivy Tech in 2000 as an adjunct faculty member in the School of Fine Arts and Design and as admissions and advising support staff. She advanced to become the Program Chair for Environmental Design in 2003, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in 2014, and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of the Evansville campus in 2017.

    Kelly’s extensive background in academic leadership and her dedication to student success make her an invaluable asset to the AWARE Team,     where she works to promote awareness, inclusion, and well-being within the Ivy Tech community.

    Vanessa Fritz Headshot

    Vanessa Fritz, Dean,
    School of Arts, Sciences, and Education
    (812) 429-9811

    Venessa Fritz is a distinguished figure in higher education, with over 20 years of experience. As the Academic Dean at Ivy Tech Community College in Evansville, Indiana, she leads with a passion for student success and academic excellence. Prior to her current role, Venessa served as the Program Chair for the Science Department for six years and as an Associate Professor of Biology for nearly two decades. Her deep commitment to curriculum development and nurturing student growth has solidified her reputation as a respected leader within Ivy Tech.

    Ryan Winters Headshot

    Ryan Winters, Director of Public Safety
    (812) 760-4073

    Ryan Winters is the Director of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness at Ivy Tech Community College in Evansville, Indiana. With a focus on the safety and security of the campus and its occupants, Ryan oversees comprehensive safety protocols and emergency response strategies. He is responsible for the training of faculty and staff, ensuring they are well-prepared for any potential emergencies. Additionally, Ryan manages the maintenance and upgrade of public safety equipment to keep the campus secure. His work is essential in making sure everyone at Ivy Tech feels safe and prepared.

    Shawna Garrett, Student Affairs Assistant
    (812) 492-0106

    Shawna Garrett has 18 years of dedicated service to Ivy Tech Community College Evansville. She assists all Student Affairs departments and provides vital support to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Often the first point of contact for students requiring additional support from the Student Affairs department, Shawna plays a crucial role in shaping their initial impression of the college. Her long-term commitment and comprehensive support help ensure that Student Affairs operations run smoothly, significantly contributing to the success and well-being of Ivy Tech's students and staff.

    Marcus Weatherford Headshot

    Marcus Weatherford, Director of Student Experience
    (812) 429-1437

    Marcus Weatherford, Director of Student Experience at Ivy Tech, Evansville, Joined Ivy Tech in 2020 after working with TRiO Student success programs and Upward Bound. He works with students by overseeing peer mentoring programs, coordinating student success initiatives, and managing Ivy Cares wraparound serviced, which supports students' basic needs. Marcus also organizes events and workshops focused on building community and fostering personal growth. His focus is to create a supportive campus environment by collaborating with faculty, staff, and student organizations.

    Leah Davis Headshot

    Leah Davis, Disability Services Advisor
    (812) 429-1386

    Leah Davis is a Disability Support Advisor with over 25 years of experience. She began as a K-8 Special Education teacher for 12 years, then transitioned to higher education, serving as adjunct faculty and an Assistant Professor of Student Success. Leah joined Ivy Tech in 2014 as an adjunct instructor and became the Disability Support Coordinator. She is dedicated to promoting accessibility, providing academic accommodations, and advocating for diversity and inclusion. Leah also leads Disability Awareness events and workshops and has specialized training in trauma and resilience to better support her students.

    Leah Doughty Headshot

    Leah Doughty, Mental Health Counselor
    (812) 492-0336

    Leah Doughty is the Mental Health Counselor at Ivy Tech, Evansville. In partnership with Youth First, Inc., Leah provides short-term individual counseling services to all enrolled students, aiming to help them identify and overcome barriers, set goals, and improve coping strategies. For needs beyond Ivy Tech’s scope, Leah offers community referral options and assists students in connecting with off-campus providers.

    Leah also leads workshops on stress reduction, resilience building, and overall well-being. Committed to promoting mental health awareness, she collaborates with faculty, staff, and student organizations to create a supportive campus environment.


    Becca McQueen-Ruark , Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
    (812) 492-9849

    Becca McQueen-Ruark is the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at Ivy Tech Evansville. Becca joined Ivy Tech in 2024 and has 22 years of experience working in student affairs – most recently as VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

    Becca has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master of Arts in College Student Development from Appalachian State University.

  • Student Advocacy is responsible for assisting students through their academic journey by providing safe, confidential guidance and advocacy to address problems related to learning, working and life while attending college. When disciplinary action is required, the aware team will utilize a student-centered approach that ensures campus safety and aligns with code of conduct while also respecting the rights of individuals.