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Student Advocacy & Conduct

Summary of Student Advocacy

  • Student Advocacy is responsible for assisting students through their academic journey by providing safe, confidential guidance and advocacy to address problems related to learning, working and life while attending college. When disciplinary action is required, the aware team will utilize a student-centered approach that ensures campus safety and aligns with code of conduct while also respecting the rights of individuals.

  • The purpose of the Aware team is to promote the safety and well being of our college community. This multi-disciplinary group is tasked to identify concerning behaviors and collaborate to provide intervention strategies that promotes student’s success focused on individual’s wellbeing.

    Team members 

      1. Denise Johnson-Kincaid, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
      2. Kelly Cozart, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
      3. Vanessa Fritz, Dean, School of Arts, Sciences, and Education
      4. John Snowden, Director of Public Safety
      5. Shawna Garrett, Student Affairs Assistant
      6. Marcus Weatherford, Director of Student Experience
      7. Leah Davis, Disability Services Advisor
      8. John Dwyer, Academic Advisor
      9. Leah Doughty, Mental Health Counselor
    • Mental Health Crisis Intervention Plan 
    1. Disruptive Classroom Behavioral Intervention – Quick Reference (PDF)