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Ivy Tech Community College courses are taught through the dual credit program provide college credits and allow students to fulfill high school graduation requirements as well as start building their college career. Ivy Tech Community College courses are taught during the regular school day by certified high school teachers.

The dual credit expectations are higher than other courses in your high school. Dual credit courses are college courses and the teacher will expect the same quality of work from you as from students on our campus.

The benefits of taking Ivy Tech courses as a high school student:
  • Provides students with a head start on the college experience
  • A cost savings for student and parent
  • Students are prepared for post-secondary courses after high school

Supporting Research

*What Happens to Students Who Take Community College "Dual Enrollment" Courses in High School? By John Fink, Davis Jenkins & Takeshi Yanagiura. Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Teachers College, Columbia University and the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center


Taking college-level courses enhances your ability to make a smooth transition onto a college campus


You can prepare yourself for college coursework before you step foot in a college classroom. 


Dual credit classes often save families money on tuition 


When your dual credit course is taken at your high school, you may be eligible to earn college credits at no cost to you or your family! This is an excellent way to save money throughout your college career.


Complete general education courses that will help a student complete their associates degree at Ivy Tech or transfer these course credits to a four-year institution


Core Transfer Library courses will meet the general or free elective requirements of undergraduate degree programs and most Core Transfer Library courses will also count towards degree program requirements, if an equivalent course is taught at the four-year campus you plan to attend.


Enjoy full access to Ivy Tech resources and services like the library and tutoring services.
To access our current Dual Credit Handbook click the image below.


High School Students

K-12 School Partners


Partner High Schools and Ivy Tech Campus Contact Information

Click the link above to find your school then refer to the Ivy Tech Dual Credit Contact Information Chart to get connected today!