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Dual Credit Information for Principals, Counselors, and Teachers

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Dual Credit Options

Traditional Dual Credit

  • Ivy Tech faculty and staff work with high schools to identify courses that are eligible to be offered with a focus on "priority" courses identified by the Indiana Department of Education.
  • Course content is identical to on-campus offerings and incorporates the same syllabi, class assignments, and examinations while utilizing comparable textbooks.
  • High school faculty teaching a course for dual credit meet the credentialing requirements of Ivy Tech and the licensing requirements of the Indiana Department of Education.
  • High School faculty participate in on-going professional development provided by Ivy Tech.
  • No tuition is charged to students or to the school. Ivy Tech covers the cost.

Alternative Credentialing

Alternative credentialing was approved for priority Liberal Arts courses by the Department of Education within the Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability (511 IAC 16-2-6), which allowed for the credentialing of high school teachers to serve as dual credit instructors if they complete a major of at least thirty-six (36) hours in the subject or a related subject to the area in which they will teach the dual credit course, holds a license for workplace specialist II or its equivalent, or meets the higher education institution's program standard for that course through an alternative route defined by the higher education institution and at least three (3) prior years of teaching experience.

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On-Campus Instructions/Early Admission

  • Ivy Tech faculty and staff work with the high school principal or counselors to identify students to participate.
  • Students enroll in Ivy Tech classes for which they meet admissions requirements.
  • Upon approval of the high school, credit earned can apply to high school graduation requirements.
  • Scheduling of coursework can be during the regular school day as approved by the high school or after regular school hours.
  • Students experience the demands of completing college level coursework in a college setting.
  • Ivy Tech based tuition and fees apply and may be paid by the individual student or the high school.
Transfer Information

Ivy Tech offers more than 100 transfer programs with in-state and out-of-state schools, including several guaranteed admissions programs.

Families can save up to $12,000 by having their students complete their first two years at Ivy Tech and then transferring to a four-year college. When they enroll in one of the eligible degree programs, they can earn an associate degree from Ivy Tech and then transfer to any Indiana public four-year institution with automatic junior status.
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Ivy Tech Community College’s Start as a Sophomore, also known as the Indiana College Core, prepares students for a successful start on the path to earning an associate or bachelor's degree.

Formerly known as the Gen Ed Transfer Program, Start as A Sophomore allows students to begin their time at Ivy Tech with a 30-credit hour block that transfers to all other public four-year colleges in Indiana. The curriculum of these core classes is the same at Ivy Tech as the other institutions, but the tuition rate is less.
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Partner High Schools and Ivy Tech Campus Contact Information

Click the link above to find your school then refer to the Ivy Tech Dual Credit Contact Information Chart to get connected today!