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This program prepares students to work in areas related to information assurance, network and computer security. The program will build the foundation to identify and fix computer security attacks. The material covered in the program is designed for students with advanced computer knowledge or currently working in the computer industry. Students will also learn basic security design fundamentals that help create trustworthy systems for organizations. Cybersecurity is a degree that can be applied to many facets of the student’s life, from personal to work experiences. There is a growing need for stronger cybersecurity with the increasing media attention.

Our Graduates

Our graduates are able to find jobs within many different organizations. Through Career Development, we are able to assist our students in finding a job. Example positions include Network Security Support Technician, Security Auditor, and Digital Forensics Analyst.

Degrees & Certificates

Please select from our list of certificates, technical certificates, and degrees below for class and location information. More information is available on each degree and certificate option in the dropdown above.


Digital Forensics
(27 credit hours = 3 semesters)

Digital Forensics - Online
(27 credit hours = 3 semesters)

Network Security
(27 credit hours = 3 semesters)

Network Security - Online
(27 credit hours = 3 semesters)

Technical Certificates:

Technical Certificate
(33 credit hours = 2-3 semesters)

Technical Certificate - Online
(33 credit hours = 2-3 semesters)


Associate of Applied Science
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

Associate of Applied Science - Online
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

Transfer Degrees:

Associate of Science
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

Associate of Science - Online
(60 credit hours = 4 semesters)

Related Programs:

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NOTE: The number of credits required for a degree or certificate is based on students who are program-ready and does not include College Prep courses. Availability of degrees and certificates varies by campus.

Program Outcomes

Program Locations

The Cyber Security-Information Assurance program is offered at the Ivy Tech campuses above.