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Complete Your Assessment

We need to determine the level of your reading, writing and math skills in order to place you in the appropriate classes.  We can measure this in several different ways, including previous college credit you've earned, SAT/PSAT or ACT scores, high school GPA or through an assessment tool called Accuplacer!

You can complete assessment in any of the following four ways:
Have you already taken the ACT, SAT or PSAT? Generally scores of 460 or higher on each section of the SAT, 26 in writing, 25 in reading and 24.5 in math or higher on each section of the PSAT*, or 17 in English, 18 in reading, 18 in math or higher on each section of the ACT can be accepted for your assessment if they were completed within the last four years. Click here for more information on the scores you need to complete the assessment requirement. Send a copy of your ACT, SAT or PSAT scores to the address listed below. *PSAT scores based on tests taken 2015 and beyond.  Older test scores may also be accepted.  Click here for older PSAT score ranges. 
Generally, a high school cumulative GPA of 2.6 or higher on a 4.0 scale will meet the assessment requirement if this was your final GPA at the time of graduation and if you completed high school within the last four years. You must have graduated with a Core 40, Technical Honors, or Academic Honors diploma or equivalent. High school seniors who have not yet graduated can use the cumulative GPA after six high school semesters have been completed. Send a copy of your high school transcripts to the address listed below.
Have you already earned college credits or an Associate degree at another college or university? If so, see below for information on where to submit your college transcripts. General education courses taken at another regionally accredited institution, with a grade of "C-" or higher, may be used to complete the assessment requirement.  Send a copy of your transcripts to the address listed below.  Please note, that if you would like to have your transcripts evaluated for transfer credit also, once you are admited you will need to submit an official copy to your regional Registrar's office for evaluation.
   If you do not have previous college credit, an ACT, SAT or PSAT score, or a cumulative high school GPA that satisfies the assessment requirement, you will need to take the Accuplacer skills assessment. Your scores on the Accuplacer determine which writing, reading and math classes you'll take first. You must meet certain scores in order to place into college-level classes. The Accuplacer is free, and after the initial assessment in reading, writing and math, you may retest two additional times per year free of charge to try and increase your score.  Your score will be accepted up to four years after you take the assessment. To prepare for the Accuplacer assessment, please click here.  To schedule an appointment to take the Accuplacer, scroll down and click on your campus below.

Meet with your Advisor

How to submit your SAT/ACT/PSAT scores, high school transcript or college transcripts for assessment.

Step 1 - Print out and complete the Assessment Cover Sheet.

Step 2 -  Print out your SAT/ACT/PSAT scores, high school transcript or college transcript.

Step 3 - Send the Assessment cover sheet and your scores or transcripts by mail to:

Ivy Tech Community College
ATTN:  Central Office - Admissions Processing Center
50 W. Fall Creek Pkwy. North Dr.
Indianapolis, IN  46208

Step 4 - Wait for your email, text and letter letting you know that your scores or transcripts have been reviewed.  The process should take less than a week.


Click on a campus to schedule an appointment for the Accuplacer assessment.