MUNCIE, Ind. – Ivy Tech Community College and the City of Muncie are partnering to help those who need it most. This unique partnership provides residents of Muncie an opportunity to leverage the value of living in Muncie and having access to Ivy Tech Community College.

Through the model set by the WorkMatters program at Ivy Tech Muncie, the MuncieMatters staff and Student Success Champion Network will work with community services to help residents strengthen their lives. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to remove barriers outside of education that perpetuate poverty and other detrimental life cycles. The program will support residents in learning valuable life skills and guide them through the repair process so that once they graduate, they can improve and enhance their ability to positively engage as a valued resource for their families and the community. In addition to helping the individual, the interventions and support through this program engages future generations within these families and overall community to pursue higher education or skills training in high wage, high impact career opportunities.

Chancellor Jeffrey D. Scott, Ivy Tech said, “We know there is transformative power of education in creating a positive impact on the community. Ivy Tech Muncie’s mission is to do the right things for the right reasons. Connecting individuals to the resources they need to succeed supports our mission. We know we cannot be all things to all people, but we can serve as a guiding force to help citizens navigate their paths successfully. Through this service, Ivy Tech Muncie aims to be a beacon of light that illuminates the way forward for individuals and the community as a whole.”

“When we say ‘Muncie Matters,’ we mean that every individual that makes up our great city deserves opportunities to thrive. We have so many resources in our city, but if you don’t have guidance for how to access and make the most of them, it can be overwhelming. This is an effort to help people where they need it most.”

– Mayor Ridenour

MuncieMatters is more than an educational program. The program is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which states that physical, survival, and social needs must be met before individuals can successfully focus on their future. To meet these needs, the program will work in partnership with the City of Muncie and Ivy Tech’s Student Success Champion Network. The Student Success Champion Network provides citizens with access to a dedicated team of Ivy Tech staff members that can assist them in locating and accessing community services that will help meet their needs and break down their barriers beyond education.

MuncieMatters staff will have hours at city hall to provide direct outreach and action that is intentional and purposeful. To connect with MuncieMatters visit ivytech/Muncie/MuncieMatters.

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