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Dual Credit Information for High School Parents

We are excited about your student's interest in Ivy Tech's high school programs! 

Taking college courses while still attending high school gives students the opportunity to establish their college academic record while simultaneously meeting their high school graduation requirements.

Teachers at your student’s high school use course materials that are consistent with Ivy Tech faculty and require the same standards expected of on-campus courses.

High school students can take Ivy Tech classes in any of the following ways:

At a student's local high school
Most Indiana high schools offer a variety of Ivy Tech courses right on your high school campus. Best of all, the classes are free! Contact your student’s high school guidance counselor to learn more about what dual credit offerings are available at their school.

At an Ivy Tech campus
When your student takes a class at an Ivy Tech campus, they have a wider variety of classes to choose from. Explore our course search to see our classes. Ivy Tech tuition and fees apply.

Taking a college class online gives students the flexibility to do assignments and homework on their own schedule. Visit our online course search to see our course offerings. Ivy Tech tuition and fees apply for online courses.

Students who want to take dual credit in high school are required to create an account at You can help your student complete the account set up using these instructions.

Prerequisite/College Readiness Information

A prerequisite is a requirement that a student must meet prior to enrolling in a specific course or program. Some dual credit courses require students to submit qualifying score(s) before they are deemed college ready. Depending on the course, this college-ready score could be a PSAT score, SAT score, ACT score, or a cumulative GPA. For students who do not have a qualifying score, Ivy Tech offers Knowledge Assessment, which allows students to be assessed in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Learn more about what Ivy Tech has to offer and how your student can get started today.


Ivy Tech is an unparalleled choice for homeschool families. Learn more about all the options that Ivy Tech provides.

Payment Options

When your student takes a course through an Ivy Tech campus or online, Ivy Tech tuition and fees apply. There are a variety of options available to pay for courses at Ivy Tech. For payment instructions visit our paying for college page.


Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana respects the privacy of every individual. Visit our privacy page to view our full privacy policy.


After your student graduates high school, they can continue taking classes at Ivy Tech and work toward a certificate or degree. The college classes taken while they were in high school will be counted toward an Ivy Tech degree, and the credits may also transfer to a different college or university.

Ivy Tech offers more than 100 transfer programs with in-state and out-of-state schools, including several guaranteed admissions programs.

Interested in getting started, visit our transfer page for more information.

Partner High Schools and Ivy Tech Campus Contact Information

Click the link above to find your school then refer to the Ivy Tech Dual Credit Contact Information Chart to get connected today!