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Indiana workers and businesses are pivoting during COVID-19 to respond in a new digital landscape. Ivy Tech is committed to continuing our mission to provide solutions for job seekers and employers, building an ever-stronger workforce in our communities.

Our Online Training Solutions will help you achieve your goals in a cost-effective, supportive and efficient manner. With new funding resources, we offer superior training that is cost-effective and requires little to no out-of-pocket cost for job seekers or employees.

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Online Training Solutions

To view course information, select a sector title from the dropdown menu above, or select "All Courses" to see all the courses on one list. 

Courses noted with an * or ** indicate the following:
* - eligible for Workforce Ready Grant funding
** - eligible for Department of Workforce Development funding

We deliver demand-driven, student-centric, workforce ready skills in key Indiana economic sectors. We offer online training in a variety of ways, to meet you where you're at today.

Virtual synchronous courses are delivered using online remote platform in lieu of a traditional classroom or lab setting and are led by an instructor with regular class meeting times for students and instructors to interface in real-time.

Self-paced asynchronous courses typically have assignments and checkpoints to assess completion that are monitored over time.

Certifications are a third-party or industry-recognized standardized outcome that is met through a measured competency test or demonstration.

Certificates of completion are issued by Ivy Tech Community College to students who successfully complete one of our Online Training Solutions courses.