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Ivy Tech Community College offers a variety of Technology Programs; from Agriculture, to Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology (AART). Any of our Technology degrees can be completed in 2 years or less, or can be transferred to various 4 year universities within Indiana. A career in technology gives individuals the opportunity for high demand, high wage careers. Have you thought about earning a degree in the technology field? Now is the perfect time!  

Earning a Technology degree gives our students a wide variety of choices. Hands on learning, knowledgeable professors, flexible class times, are just some of the benefits of earning your degree in technology right here at Ivy Tech Community College. ​

One of Ivy Tech’s many technology programs is the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program. Like many of Ivy Techs program, it focuses on a hands-on learning environment by installing equipment, charging air conditioning units, and troubleshooting various types of equipment. This allows students to have experience before even entering the HVAC field.

Like the HVAC program, many other technology programs focus on innovation, earning experience by learning hands-on, and Pusing the most up to date equipment. Are you interested in earning a degree from one of our many technology programs? Apply now for the upcoming fall semester!

Check out our Technology Student Success Story!

Kyle Steiner, Design Technology Student at Ivy Tech Community College and graduated in 2004. "If you are the type that learns best in a smaller classroom, Ivy Tech is a great choice. This provided me regular opportunities to have one-on-one conversations with my professors.” 
If you are interested in reading more about Kyle's story, visit the Ivy Tech blog.

Information Technology Support programAdvanced Automation and Robotics Technology

Ivy Tech's award winning program, Advanced Automation and Robotics (AART), offers our students a hands-on learning environment with modern equipment in classes taught by faculty who have spent their life working in careers in manufacturing. Students will learn to troubleshoot automated manufacturing equipment such as PLCs, robotics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and more. In order to offer our students even more experience in manufacturing, Ivy Tech has partnered with several local companies which allows students to have internships while finished the AART program.



Information Technology Support program


The Agriculture Program allows students to participate in hands-on activities to help prepare them for their future career in Agriculture. While in the agriculture program, students will study Animal Science, Plant & Soil Science, Agriculture Equipment, and more! Ivy Tech has partnered with several organizations such as Indiana FFA and John Deere, to help enhance our student’s experience. Graduates of the Agriculture program can enter directly in the workforce, or can transfer to one of our many four-year university partners.



Information Technology Support program

Automotive Technology

The Automotive Technology program is designed to be interactive and relevant the current and future demands of the automotive industry. Through the use of equipment used in today’s automotive industry and out master certified instructors, students learn to repair and diagnose today’s vehicles. This program gives our students the opportunity to train in areas such as electrical systems, engine performance, and more! These various hands-on learning opportunities help our students develop the skill needed to be successful in their chosen career.



Information Technology Support program

Aviation Programs

Ivy Tech's Aviation programs give students various opportunities that will help them prepare for their aviation career. These opportunities included part-time internships, classes at various locations, and a cutting edge curriculum. This curriculum gives students the opportunity to earn various certifications while working toward their associate’s degree. Students participate in a hands-on learning environment in order to gain skills necessary for the workforce. Ivy Tech offers four different aviation programs including; Aviation and Maintenance TechnologyAviation ManagementAviation Manufacturing, and Aviation Technology-Flight.


Information Technology Support program


The Biotechnology program offers students a career that has seen significant growth in global employment. This program is taught by instructors with real world experience, in state-of-the-art laboratories; that are equipped with instrumentation, supplies, and equipment to provide our students a hands-on laboratory experience. While in the Biotechnology program, students will have classes focused on teaching a variety of procedures necessary to being successful in their coming career. Graduates of this program have careers in a variety of life science and manufacturing settings including research, quality control, and more.


Information Technology Support program

Building Construction Management

The Building Construction Management program is taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty. While working toward your degree, you will take classes that focus on estimating, project management, and construction business management as well as various elective and site field trips. Students will also have to opportunity for internships to help them gain work experience, and confident in the construction field.




Information Technology Support program

Building Construction Technology

The Building Construction Technology program offers students a hands-on experience that gives them the opportunity to build full-size mock-ups of houses in our construction laboratory. In order to offer our students an even more real world experience, the Construction Technology program partners with several local businesses that work closely with Ivy Tech. This helps us educate our students with all of the knowledge they need to know in order to help match the needs of the construction industry.



Information Technology Support program

Chemical Technology

The Chemical Technology program allows graduate to solve chemical mysteries in nearly every sector of business. This program gives students the knowledge of techniques and instruments that will be useful in almost every industry. While in this program, students will participate in various hands-on learning experiences such as performing cutting-edge analytical techniques. The Chemical Technology prepares students with strong trouble-shooting skills, communication, and analytical skills that will help them get a career in various sectors.



Information Technology Support program

Design Technology

The Design Technology program is designed to prepare students for a challenging profession in the design disciplines. Students can select elective courses from various areas of focus such as Mechanical Design, Architectural Design, Civil Design, and more! This Program prepares students by equipping them with the skill and knowledge needed to be successful in the design technology field, or transfer to a four-year university to acquire their bachelor’s degree.




Information Technology Support program

Electrical Engineering Technology

The Electrical Engineering Technology program prepares students for a variety of careers in technology such as computing, networking, communications, and more. The program develops skilled and knowledgeable technologists who work with engineers and technicians to implement and perform various engineering tasks. Our Electrical Engineering Technology graduates have the option to continue their education at a four-year university, or acquire the level Certified Electronics Technician certification.



Information Technology Support program

Energy Technology

The Energy Technology program offers students a wide variety of hands-on learning activities such as building and maintaining wind turbines, performing energy audits, wiring electrical circuits, generation systems, and more! Students will have the opportunity to work in a laboratory setting where they will collect data on electrical generation systems and wire, design, and install new systems. Ivy Tech has partnered with several local businesses such as Vectren, Caterpillar, and Kirby Rick to help us make sure our curriculum is using cutting edge technology that will provide our student with the knowledge and skill to be successful in their future career.


Information Technology Support program

Engineering Technology

The Engineering Technology program helps create skilled technicians to design, implement, and support engineering process. While in this program, students will learn about collecting, analyzing, interpreting data, and troubleshoot complex systems. Our graduates have the option to enter the workforce as an engineering technician, or they can transfer to a four-year engineering technology program.




Information Technology Support program

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Technology (HVAC)

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program at Ivy Tech are lab based with almost every class meeting having a hands-on portion where students will train and work on actual furnace and air conditioning equipment.  This lab allows students to gain experience in equipment installation, charging air conditioning units and troubleshooting equipment failures.  Our students will also learn about energy saving equipment like solar thermal, thermal storage, geo thermal, air and hot water zoning systems and HVAC building automation systems.


Information Technology Support program

Industrial Technology

The Industrial Technology program will provide high quality training and develop skills in the area of Industrial Technology. From welding classes to learning about fluid power systems, the hands-on objectives in this program will have students qualified to enter the workforce. We use only the current and emerging technologies in the industry while training. Our business and industrial partners have helped us for the curriculum to meet the demands of the ever-changing work environment.



Information Technology Support program

Machine Tool Technology

The Machine Tool Technology program offers both hands on learning and computer control machining. The Certifications students will receive through courses are nationally recognized. This gives graduates the best opportunity for employment and to earn higher wages. Virtually all manufactured products depend on America’s precision machining industry at some point in their production. The employer input on the program is because of the high demand for solid training in the field of metal cutting operations.



Information Technology Support program

Manufacturing Production and Operations

The Manufacturing Production and Operations Program is a complete online degree designed to develop skills and knowledge of modern manufacturing processes. Manufacturing companies require skilled machine operators to produce high quality products. This program prepares students to become skilled production operators that can succeed in manufacturing environments. Students will be trained to understand the needs, processes, and activities used in today’s manufacturing environment.



Information Technology Support program

Precision Agriculture Equipment Technology

The Precision Agriculture Equipment Technology program at Ivy Tech is the first of its kind and is taught by instructors with real-world experience. Students will use state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the newest on-board equipment, as well as tractors, combines, sprayers, and more!Precision agriculture combines computer technology with GPS and mapping software to record and track yield information. Classes focus on a variety of subjects necessary to be successful in this field, including production agriculture, mechanical systems, electronics, and even business strategies and global farming issues! Students will spend a significant amount of class time completing hands-on activities with the ability to have one-on-one time with the instructor.

Technology Programs Offered by Campus

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