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About Accident Reporting

Reporting accidents is key to maintaining a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. The reporting forms shown below, useful for cases of bodily injury or property damage, will facilitate prompt delivery of reports to the appropriate college personnel. Report all accidents immediately. 

Student or Guest Accident Report 

Students: This form should be completed if you have experienced an accident or injury while fulfilling coursework, attending a College-sponsored activity, or while on the campus or other designated premises. The purpose of this report is to notify the appropriate College officials of an accident. If medical treatment is necessary, the College's no-fault Student Accident Insurance may be available, and this form will facilitate the routing of that information to you. If you have any questions, please contact your campus' student accident gatekeeper or the Office of Student Affairs.

Guests: This form should be completed if you have experienced an accident or incurred property damage while visiting the College premises or other designated premises related to College-sponsored events. 

Employee Accident & Illness Report

Complete this report if you experienced an accident, injury or illness while on the job. This report will be routed to the regional Human Resources department and to your supervisor. If medical treatment is needed, Human Resources will inform you where to seek treatment. If this is an emergency, seek treatment immediately at the nearest facility and notify Human Resources as soon as practicable.

Automobile Accident Report

Complete this report when an accident involves a College-owned, leased, hired, rented or borrowed vehicle. Most accidents require Proof of Insurance at time of an accident. Such information must be submitted to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) immediately following an accident and can only be reported electronically through the College’s insurance broker. If a driver receives a Financial Responsibility Verification from the BMV requesting completion of a Certificate of Compliance, please contact

Property Damage & Theft Report

Please first make notification to campus security and/or local law enforcement. Complete this report when there has been damage to or theft of College-owned property or leased property for which the College is responsible for insuring. It is important that you take all reasonable steps to protect the property from further damage, to keep a detailed record of damaged property including quantities, costs and values, and to document the damage with photos. The College is not responsible for theft of personal property. Do not complete this report for personal property theft or damage.