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Grading System

We use a grading system consisting of letter grades A, B, C, D, and F. Plus and minus grades are not used. Status codes may be used to indicate a state or condition of a course on a student's record for which a grade has not been awarded. Status codes include:

  • I (Incomplete)
  • AU (Audit)
  • S (Satisfactory)
  • U (Unsatisfactory)
  • V (Verified Competency)
  • W (Withdrawal)
  • FW denotes a failing grade in a course where the student stopped attending prior to the last day of the course.  It acts in the same way as an “F” in terms of GPA.

S Grades

An "S" preceding a grade denotes that the course is an Academic Skills Course.; Therefore, an "SA" equals an "A", a "SB" equals a "B", etc.; Academic Skills courses do not count towards graduation requirements, but credit hours are earned for the courses.

Quality Points

Quality points are numerical values indicating the quality of student performance in a class. For example, an A is worth 4 quality points, a B is worth 3 quality points, etc.; Grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing hours taken into the total number of quality points.