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From the end of the second week to the end of the week marking the completion of 75% of the course, a student may withdraw from a course online using MyIvy or by filing a change of enrollment form at the Registrar’s Office. Withdrawal from a course (with a grade of “W”) will display on the student’s transcript, however, the withdrawal does not affect the student’s GPA in any way.

Withdrawal is complete when the necessary forms have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Records of students withdrawing from courses indicate a "W" status rather than a grade when the withdrawal process is completed. A student who ceases to attend class after the last day to withdraw will receive a grade commensurate with course requirements.

Note: Withdrawing from class may affect or cancel financial assistance. Students receiving financial assistance should check with the financial aid office before withdrawing from a course or course.

Spring 2019 Last Dates to Withdraw:
  • For 16 week courses (January 14 – May 11) --- Last day to withdraw is April 13
  • For 12 week courses (February 11 – May 11) --- Last day to withdraw is April 20
  • For 1st 8 week courses (January 14 – March 9) --- Last day to withdraw is February 23
  • For 2nd 8 week courses (March 18 – May 11) --- Last day to withdraw is April 27
  • For 1st 4 week courses (January 14 – February 9) --- Last day to withdraw is February 2
  • For 2nd 4 week courses (February 11 – March 9) --- Last day to withdraw is March 2
  • For 3rd 4 week courses (March 18 – April 13) --- Last day to withdraw is April 6
  • For 4th 4 week courses (April 15 – May 12) --- Last day to withdraw is May 4

Please check the Refund Policy for refund dates. NO refund will be given after those dates.