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Students may drop a course with no record on the transcript, or may add a course in the first week of the regular (16-week) semester. Courses are not officially dropped until the necessary forms have been completed and returned to the Office of Student Affairs. After the first week of the regular semester, students must receive the permission of the instructor to add a course. All students who are not in a paid or arranged to pay status will be dropped from classes according to a set schedule. Once dropped students may not attend class or be graded. If a student has not paid or is not current with the payment schedule by the last date for withdrawal, the student shall be withdrawn from the class, and the tuition balance is still due and payable.

Below is a listing of drop codes that students may see in MyIvy:

AU Audit
AW Admn. Withdrawal
D0 Dropped, No Refund (non-credit)
D2 Course/Section Cancelled
DA Dropped, Never Attended
DD Drop/Delete
DH Drop, Dual Credit
DL Drop after 100% refund
DN Dropped, Non-payment
DQ Dropped, Pre-requisite not met
DR Drop after Start of Term
DS Drop, Academic suspension
DT Web drop after start of term
DW Web Drop
RC Registered Consortium
RD **Registered Dual Credit**
RE **Registered**
RW **Web Registered/Add*
WA Withdrawal after 75% of course
WC Withdrawal from course
WH Withdrawn dual credit
WL Waitlist
WS Withdrawn Student
WW Web withdrawal-NO REFUND