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Dual Admission



Dual Admission is when a student starts working toward their associate degree at Ivy Tech and is simultaneously enrolled at a four-year partner college or university. In your first two years, you take Ivy Tech classes as you work on your associate degree while enjoying the on-campus activities and resources at the four-year partner institution where you will later earn your bachelor’s degree.

Participating College Partners

Currently, Ivy Tech has Dual Admission partnerships with two Indiana universities:


Save Money and Get Double the Resources

Starting your college career in this program allows you to save money (Ivy Tech classes are the least expensive higher education option in Indiana!) while enjoying the benefits and resources of both schools. Dual Admission programs get you access to resources at the partner school such as advisors, libraries, bookstores, athletic events, fitness centers, student activities, and on-campus housing. 

Start Your 4-Year College Experience Now

If you’re looking for that “four-year college experience,” you can enroll with one of our university partners and actually live on campus while taking classes at Ivy Tech for your first two years! Imagine saving money while immersing yourself in campus life at the school where you will get your four-year degree. Participating in a Dual Admission program also means you’ll have a seamless transfer to the partner school.

See complete instructions for how to apply for dual admission


  • The Green/Crimson Dual Admission Program

    Beginning fall 2022, new freshmen enrolled in an associate degree program at Ivy Tech Community College can also enroll at Indiana University (IU) Southeast through the Green/Crimson Dual Admissions program. The program provides you access to classes and resources at both institutions as well as guaranteed admission and a seamless transfer to IU Southeast when you are ready to complete your four-year bachelor’s degree.

    Extra Resources

    This program provides students access to services and resources at IU Southeast, including:

    • Advising from IU Southeast academic advisors
    • Participation in IU Southeast's Research and Creativity Conference
    • Attendance at IU Southeast events relevant to their degree and interest area
    • Financial aid counseling
    • Access to the IU Southeast library, bookstore, athletic events, and events at the Ogle Center that do not have fees for admission
    • $1,000 transfer scholarship which can be renewed for an additional year depending upon academic standing

    How to Apply

    If you are interested in the Green/Crimson Dual Admission program:

    1. Apply to Ivy Tech.
    2. Complete the “Intent to Participate” form.
    3. A representative of the Green/Crimson Dual Admission program will contact you at the email you provided on the form.

    IU Southeast:

    Guaranteed Admissions Criteria

    In order to receive guaranteed admission to IU Southeast, students must have completed an associate degree and earned a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher at Ivy Tech.


    Students will need to be in good standing to maintain eligibility for the program and access to IU Southeast resources. Student participation is subject to Indiana University's behavioral disclosure policies. Under these policies, a student has a continuing obligation to inform the University of any formal disciplinary action or legal charges and/or convictions.

  • The Purdue Northwest Dual Admission Program

    Students in the Purdue University Northwest Dual Admissions program enroll at Ivy Tech Community College and also enroll at Purdue University Northwest. Students can enjoy the full Purdue Northwest experience -- from meeting new friends at Welcome Weeks to cheering on the Pride at Purdue Northwest athletic events -- from day one, even as they first earn their associate degree from Ivy Tech Community College and later their four-year degree from Purdue University Northwest.

    The program provides students access to classes and resources at both institutions right from the start and a seamless transfer to Purdue Northwest when students are ready to complete their four-year bachelor’s degree.

    Extra Resources

    This program provides students access to services and resources at Purdue Northwest, including:

    • Access to Purdue Northwest’s libraries, fitness center, academic and computer labs, student activities, sporting and cultural events, career services, and on-campus housing (subject to availability)
    • Coordinated Academic Advising from both Ivy Tech and Purdue Northwest
    • The ability to view your degree plan from the start
    • Eligibility for a Purdue Northwest transfer scholarship worth up to $1,500 if you successfully meet all dual-admission criteria.

    How to Apply

    If you are interested in the Purdue Northwest Dual Admissions program:

    1. Apply to Ivy Tech.
    2. Apply to the dual admission program by filling out the “Admission Agreement” form on the Purdue Northwest website.
    3. A representative of the Dual Admissions program will contact you at the email you provided on the form.

    Purdue Northwest:

    Eligibility Requirements

    In order to be eligible to enroll in the program, students:

    • Must attend Ivy Tech and earn an associate degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
    • May not attend another institution between the time they graduate from Ivy Tech and formally enroll at Purdue Northwest for their bachelor’s degree
    • Must re-apply to the Dual Admission program through an appeal process if there is a break of more than one regular fall or spring semester in their attendance at either institution


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